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  1. Nothing to be ashamed of last night. We came up a bit short against currently the best team in the league. Let's kick on from here and make sure we get 2nd. It's hard to see Rovers losing it now, but a couple of wins for Wanderers in their head-to-head and it will make things interesting again.

  2. Tobes, I thought you were quality last night. Playing at CDM is about positioning and sensing the danger, and you made loads of interceptions by being in the right place at the right time. I thought you used the ball really well too, no Hollywood balls, simple A passes to set the move up.

    Tom was awesome with the Any as well. Not easy having three players, but I thought you did a great job.

  3. Sorry guys I feel like I lost us that second one, pulling out of the tackle for the first and giving it away for the second, other than that I thought we played well

    First goal was all my fault. You did a great job of covering that run and I should have given you a call. How it wasn't a foul on me I don't know - hacked from behind as I was about to clear the ball!! 3 points a piece was probably fair though, but a missed opportunity after we got lucky in the first. That third goal was right out pf the top drawer, nothing anyone cam do to stop those.

    Cheers for the games lads.

  4. I'm slowly improving! I need to get my position sorted quicker though.

    Is there a way you can use the 'back' button to focus on your player? That would help me to stop ball watching!

    Yeah, the back button still works. It's not as good as some previous versions as it pans between your player and the ball. I seem to remember it being instant previously. I always just look at the radar for walking up as it shows me everyone's position, and if the CDM has gone off in the attack. I do use the back button on their set pieces though to make sure we aren't outnumbered in a certain position.

  5. "Sladie has only completed 10/25 total passes, shots, crosses and tackles in his 5 games,"

    At 'LittleJoe's Football Academy for Players Who Want to Play BAP Good' I was taught "do the absolute minimum in defence". Mardigan does all my heavy lifting :D

    I thought we were alright last night, we've played better and got less over the two games. We made really hard work of the first game though, probably a bit too deep. Tomox, I thought you were good at LB! You made a couple of really good tackles at the end of game two.

    And a clean sheet!

  6. Played lads.

    I think we have to give a lot of credit to Wanderers in the second game. They pressed us from the very first minute, and I think we did well to stay in the game until near the end. Two decent performances I'd say, a good win in the first and stickability in the second - on a different night we might have mugged a draw out of that one.

    Tomox, I've afraid you are going to have to do some more diagrams as I'm not here next week!

  7. Looking forward to it. LADS! A couple of points on defensive shape that you've all heard before....

    1. Full backs, don't get attracted to the ball if they are playing it around in midfield. We got caught several times in the cup down the wings by pushing up to the ball and not tracking the runner. Track the runners, not the ball!

    2. CDMs - one of you sitting at all times, especially from set pieces. We want you to be heading the ball away from long balls so the back four can keep their shape. And when they are running at us, you attack the ball, again so the back 4 can stay in shape.

  8. We were just caught cold in the first game - I was especially poor and it was my bad clearance that led to their equaliser. Mind you, if we'd have gone in leading at half time it would have been daylight robbery. Rovers played very well so no complaints.

    Second game we were excellent at the back. In the first game every time they got the ball they looked like creating a chance, but we were a bit more compact and did a much better job of tracking the runners. The shots they did have were mainly outside the box and we didn't get isolated one on one like the first game. I'm sure Rovers will feel hard done by because of that pen, but I think we had that one coming as some of the decisions against us this season have been shocking.

    'LETIC for the Title!

  9. Nath, you were quality in that first game. Thought we defended well over both games, even when they were well on top in the second game we protected our box well. Like I said in comms, the goal we conceded in the second game happens when you've not got 9/10 people on. Just one of those things.

    I agree with Smith, the reason we aren't scoring is that all the interplay between our front 3/4 is happening 40/50 yards from goal. Last night Town's interplay was happening 25 yards from goal - that makes all the difference because it means midfield and defense are more spread out, more space to play the ball, etc, etc. They got that space by making nice runs into the channels and then supporting each other with easy balls inside. I get a nosebleed in the opposition half, but I think it might be worth trying to hit Ronaldo with a few early crosses.

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