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  1. When you play badly and win, it has been a good week.

    The second match seemed like one of those where the game just decided you can't make a five yard square pass! A scrappy goal and one from a corner is just what we needed. I thought we defended really well apart from the first 15 minutes in both games, when I thought Rovers probably should have scored. We got away with letting them back into both games, but let's not let that happen again.

  2. This is going to be the most open season in BAP history. New game and mixed up teams (apart from Town) will make fun the winner.

    1st - City

    Pants has put together a top side here. They look strong all over the pitch, and I would have them as early season favorites.

    2nd - Town

    Timmo is a top manager, and made some great picks in the draft. Business as usual at Town!

    3rd - United

    We've pretty much kept our defense from last season, which has got to be a good thing. Steely, Dan and Jazzy will be able to get us the goals for a title push.

    4th - Athletic

    A strong team, and a well balanced line-up.

    5th - Rovers

    Sean and Baring = goals. Again, could easily finish higher if they get off to a flyer.

    6th - Wanderers

    Someone has to be last, but Wanderers will pick up their fair share of the points this season. Will be interesting to see how Tommy shuffles all his attacking talent, if they hit the ground running then Wanderers could challenge.

  3. :D I think I got my head to 4 or 5 corners in that second game. I was due a goal!

    It's always tough to defend with any CDM, LB and RB. The boys in the wide positions did a great job at tracking back and stopping danger.

    After the disappointment last week against Athletic, we needed the six points. Results went our way in the other games too. Massive games next week now. Hopefully we'll have a few more back??

  4. 1st - United. Six of that team won multiple titles at City, squad looks really well balanced and I think we will have a strong season.

    2nd - Athletic. Tri-force reunited! The most consistent team in BAP will finish in the top two.

    3rd - Town. Most of the title winning team retained, but Town just don't win the league without Tobert in the team...

    4th - Rovers. Heretic will be a great addition, but losing SuperstarBeeJay is a massive loss for Rovers. Another decent season and I think they will cause a few upsets, but too inconsistent to trouble the Top 3.

    5th - City. This will be the most fun club to play for this season...

    6th - Wanderers. Last but by no means whipping boys. I think Wanderers will take points off most teams this season and I predict the league to be much closer from 1st to 6th.

    Top scorer: Baring

    Most assists: Steely

    Gate: Timmo somehow manages to score an own goal from a throw-in against Athletic. Causes debate.

  5. Decent season lads! Gutted not to get 3rd, especially as the first game last nigth was there for the taking.

    33 goals conceded - 18 better than last season. That's pretty good going. Only downside is that only got us an extra 2 points! Need to keep on improving at the back - we've been in a lot of games this season and either lost by an odd goal or conceded late on.

  6. As its a first occurrence and people are unsure about it then it will slide by this time but if that type of thing goes on week in and week out I'm not sure I would want to play. What differs bap from clubs are decent people, fair and organised play.

    P.s I agree with razzle on everything except saying teams have passed out from that position. I have never seen a team pass like that, let alone in a crucial must not concede game! It's hoof, hoof, hoof! If someone can show me a pass from the back like that I'll eat my hat!

    I've taken plenty of short free kicks from CB. Usually you'd hoof it for sure, but if you are losing everything in the air then I might roll it out to either FB in order to keep the ball.

  7. If I did that with a free kick at the back then I would hold my hands up and say that I fucked up. You know playing in defense if you are going to be over a free kick when it's given. No excuses. It's a horrible goal to concede, but personally I would say it was fair.

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