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    Moto GP 2

    I still play the original, and wouldn't mind the odd game of the sequel. Add me and invite me - gamertag = sladie
  2. I've started taking the gun with 600 rounds in now. That's what I was using when I basically got to the end of the level by myself. In order to complete the level tonight we need: DavidB to actually kill some people Bravestarr to turn up before midnight Themomentbefore to get a minimum 7 kills a game Sladie and Uxy to be as deadly as they were last night I think that's it.
  3. I was doing a pretty good job on my own! Team mates? Bah
  4. Really good games those. You scored two of the best goals I've seen!! And your second goal in the first match will be the worst I ever let in on Live, I'm sure - what the HELL was my 'keeper doing??? And how I didn't score in the first game is beyond me. Top notch stuff - good luck with the rest of the competition sladie
  5. A fair summary. Well played, mate. A deserved victory - sorry about not playing for the last 20 minutes!! sladie
  6. (1) Moto GP (2) Rainbow 6: Black Arrow (3) PES 4 (4) Rainbow Six 3 (5) Ghost Recon 2 (5) RTCW (6) Moto GP 2 (7) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder ( Ghost Recon (9) TOCA 2 (10) Halo 2 (11) PGR 2 (12) Burnout 3 sladie
  7. Yep, 8pm is fine. Whoever gets on first can host the first match. sladie
  8. Yeah, I've got my cup match planned for 9. So either before or after that will be cool. Do you want to play both tomorrow?
  9. At least we both know we can win away from home Would have been a cracking game for a spectator.
  10. Mad Ninja XI (Nada Surf) 2 - 3 Snootchie Nootchies (donnie_darko) Well played donnie. I was 2 - 0 up with just over 10 minutes to play. Goals on 79, 88 and 90+1. I can't even bring myself to type anything more about the game.
  11. If it makes things any easier, I'm sure I'd of beaten you 4-0. So you got away with it really
  12. I am going to be away from at least the 23-29, so I won't be able to play those dates. sladie
  13. I can't wait ... Even if you do have home advantage
  14. Either "he's rubbish" or "he is rubbish" would have been acceptable. Scientists, no appreciation for the English language. Are you trying to call yourself a "key player"?
  15. I told you we wouldn't be able to do it
  16. a) I was flanking B) It makes your job much easier if I take those guys out c) they never actually killed me, I just kept on having accidents with the large amount of high explosives I was using
  17. I bet we don't. Everyone else on my team is rubbish....
  18. sladie v SaintM Played 4 Sladie's red card total = 1 SaintM's red card total = 3 No wonder you didn't set up a Fair Play league
  19. Nada Surf (Deportivo) 3 - 1 boybrown (Birmingham) Birmingham take the led on 23 minutes with a lovely headed goal by Izzet at the far post. But Depor go stright down the other end with Valeron finishing a neat move with a turn and shot from the edge of the box to equalise on 25. Two early second half goals, Victor (47) and Valeron (51), effectively end the challenge of battling Birmingham. Both my second half goals were a bit fortunate, especially my second goal, so I'm just pleased to be in the hat for the next round. And for the record, there wasn't a single yellow card in this match! A game played in the right spirit. Good game boybrown, and best of luck with your league campaign. sladie
  20. You need a flanker? Then put me down, Uxy baby!
  21. Snootchie Nootchies (donnie_darko) 0 - 1 Mad Ninja XI (Nada Surf) Deportivio edge out 10 man Lazio in a tense match. Lazio have the majority of possession and rip through the Depor defense time after time. But a mixture of an in-form 'keeper, the woodwork and last gasp defending means the Italians cannot cancel out Valeron's early goal. Lazio will go away wondering how they did not manage to claim at least a point from this fixture. As for Depor, they will be singing all the way back to Spain.
  22. See you tonight - if you lot make room/don't shoot me
  23. I'm out during the day, but will be free in the evening. Is that OK for you?
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