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  1. Black Arrow is the best game on Xbox Live. Really looking forward to this.
  2. I'm away from 9-13 December, so I can't play that weekend. But yeah, take as long as you need. It's 28 days to complete a game in the rules, right? So yeah, whenever really. And I can't believe no one in League 5 has played a game yet! Come on, we want results, gossip, scandal, etc.
  3. I've been online for 4 hours and I haven't seen one person on my friends list playing this....
  4. Yep. You can even play on different teams on Squad games. I just tried joining a random game with another joypad plugged in and it didn't seem to have any lag playing split screen. Played some Squad Last Man Standing games - 4 v 4. We won 3 games in a row but I didn't actually see anyone or fire a shot in any of them so it was a bit shit. Voice chat isn't quite a good as Rainbow 6. But probably on a par with Halo 2 and without the white button in game. Menu system is annoyingly bad. I can't believe they put it out with such a crap interface. You have to choose your equipment before the start of each round now, like in Couter Strike, which will take some getting used to. There's some nice new spin moves when you are flat on the floor. Also the reload and chaging weapon is pretty neat. Now you have 4 weapon slots - one main, one small arm/ammo, one launcher and one grenade. You can trun this off and limit to primary weapons though. It looks promising if enough people buy it.
  5. I've just had my first few games on Live (co op) and I don't really think it is moving towards Rainbow 6. Anyway, first impressions: Worst menu system of any Live game I've played - truly awful what they have done to it Voice chat on a par with Rainbow 6 for clarity It seems as though you can play co op with as many people as you want (up to 16) I played on the 'Destroyed Town' level and it felt very much like FSW to me in that you were looking for the next piece of coer to move to. Greandes and launchers don't seem to lag up the game (but we were playing with three people) More after my tea and few more games. sladie
  6. I'll probably be picking this up on Friday. sladie
  7. I am due to play you first, and I don't have any problem with delaying the match for a bit whilst you get your ISP sorted. sladie
  8. B) An injury time equaliser? Wicked. Cheers SantM.
  9. I was on holiday!! I've had to confirm for the this league 3 times now. Yes, yes and yes. Anyone up for some friendly matches then?
  10. I've been on holiday in Dublin for the last week. Guess my place has gone then?
  11. I am going to do some serious jive talking in this thread. Real soon.
  12. I'll be buyng this tonight Go on tobert, it's only £3!!
  13. If you listened very carefully in the lobby during last night's games, you could clearly hear the Evil Team whimpering like little girls. pwned. sladie
  14. Well, I'm an Gooner so I'd love to be able to play as the Arsenal (no one in my league has picked them). If there can't be dupes, than I'd be happy with Super Depor as no one has mentioned them yet. sladie
  15. e oh e oh oh i',ll pick it up tomoz when i aint too drunk to breath ,)
  16. I',ve been playing this through on the one player mode tonight and it is a lot better than I thought it would be. Seems as though this could be really fun on Live. I may pick this up on saturday if enough people are planning to get it. sladie
  17. I was going to buy the DVD at lunch so I could play the demo on Live tonight. Now I'll just get it from Play.
  18. I still play MotoGP fairly regularly. If you fancy a game my tag is sladie.
  19. If you sent one to me, I didn't get it. Some top games tonight!
  20. sladie

    Burnout 3

    I'm kind of regretting buying it having read all of this. I doubt it'll hold people's attention for long if the Live setup is as badly enabled as people are saying it is.
  21. sladie

    Burnout 3

    I was very weak at lunch and ended up buying it from Game. Guess I'll see you tonight then? What time you on?
  22. sladie

    Burnout 3

    This is, possibly exciting, news to me. I wasn't going to pick up BO3 because racing games seem to have the lifespan of a soggy peach on Live. BUT if I can trade in some of the dross that I have then I might be tempted.
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