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  1. And girls. I've met Elmo and to be fair he aint fussy. And we've already got a RLM clan for anyone who was on Live for the Wolfie days...
  2. Well, I am going to set up a rival "We *heart* DavidB" clan then. But seriously, our clan has to be called "Grenades 'R' Us".
  3. We kicked ass in those games! They couldn't touch us
  4. I might do a late night-y type compliation this month...
  5. sladie

    CD Mix Club

    Glad you got it OK! I decided to go for down the 'one genre' root, and I'm not sure it paid off. I think I'll do something with a bit more variety next time just to spice things up.
  6. Sorry, I ended up doing some coursework for once and missed out...
  7. sladie

    CD Mix Club

    Got mine today. I've had a quick listen and I really like the track by 'Souls of Mischief'. I'll certainly be getting some more of their stuff. Really good selection and I'm really looking forward to sitting down and giving it a proper listen at the weekend. My CD will be sent out tomorrow and I've gone for the theme of summertime soul. But where's the sun?? sladie
  8. It wouldn't even let me get the live update. Kept coming up with some error or other and after about 4 goes I gave up Anyway, we weren't getting any lag and then elmo turned up!!! I wonder whose fault it was????
  9. I know, I know And I've got a new headset so hopefully I won't be getting all that static again! B)
  10. Great idea! Put me down for one of the free spots please
  11. World Championship Pool is released tomorrow accroding to Play. And apparantly it has full Live support!!! Is this made by the same people as WCS? Paradise Pool is so good on the PS2 and I am dying for a good game on Live... sladie
  12. I'll be back from 25/06. I nominate Whacked! as the first game we play.
  13. Nice to know that somethings never change...
  14. I've found somewhere to live!!!
  15. One of the best Live sessions ever!
  16. I'm not going to be on Live for the next few months so you can count me out. Here are my votes: 1 Uxorious 2 BraveStarr 3 Elmo 4 MeCCa 5 DavidB 6 Hitcher
  17. sladie

    Moto GP

    My favourite game on Live. You have to do a season on the 'Championship' mode in the single player to unlock all the tracks. To get the Sherian (?) track you have to complete something else, but I can't remember exactly what! There are also challenges too, which you need to complete in order to build up your custom bike. This is my last night on Live for a few months due to me moving. But if you around midnght send me an invite as I'd be up for a few games. sladie
  18. My subs don't deserve to play
  19. OK, here are my nominations for the rllmuk team: Manager/Head Coach - sladie (grenade throwing lessons for all!) Uxorious - for his use of 'tactical positioning' Yawdib - same reason as Uxorious, really DavidB (captain) - for his inspirational leadership MeCCa - the flair player of my selection Subs: madkiwi - for exceptional camping abilities elmo - a solid performer That is all.
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