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    I wanna Rock

    You should try some soul with your rock. Get 'The Isleys Live' by the Isley Brothers. Ernie Isley (probably best soul guitarist out there) really rocks out on this album. Either of the Ben Kweller albums would be dandy. And why not try out a Nada Surf album? All the above available are from me (sladie) on soulseek.
  2. Which of the Live regulars would you most like to tickle then, Uxorious?
  3. I need a change from RS3. 1) BraveStarr UK 2) sladie 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)
  4. I've thought of some more that I don't think have been mentioned so far... 'Soul One' by Blind Melon 'In Other Words' Ben Kweller 'Wiser' by Buffalo Tom (well, I think it is good!) 'Better Be Home Soon' by Crowded House 'Jesus Christ' by Gay Dad 'Country Girl' by James Iha (one for the SP fans) 'Luna' by The Smashing Pumpkins (just to be different) 'Come Pick Me Up' by Ryan Adams 'Feel' by Skunk Anansie Lovely.
  5. Here's a few off the top of head... 'Hey Love' by Stevie Wonder 'What A Wonderful Thing Love Is' by Al Green 'Be Real Black For Me' by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway 'Crazy Love' by Van Morrison 'My Old Man' by Joni Mitchell 'The Man In Me' by Bob Dylan 'I'll Be Here When You Wake' by the Reindeer Section
  6. It's just like being on Live, but without being on Live
  7. I'll be on tonight as well. From around 9pm, I think. Homicide episodes permitting of course. I thought all the cool kids played with grenades?
  8. Well, having played a few random games now I think my initial impressions were slightly wrong. If you try and camp on this map you will die. Almost every route has two possible ways. Seems like a fun map. I'm not sure I can take anymore of these random games though
  9. I've just had a couple of goes on the new map and it seems quite good. Very different to Parkade in that it's only really on one level (minus a couple of sniping spots). Lots of crates to hide behind, basically. Bit of a campers' paradise... Look forward to seeing it in action tonight.
  10. Sorry to all the people who couldn't get in last night. DavidB is just too popular. And the new map is rubbish. They need to have more cars to cover behind, etc. Some wicked games of TOCA 2 afterwards though.
  11. Hello I will be on RS3 from 9pm tonight to throw a few grenades around, kill myself and my team mates and generally try out the new maps. Who's with me? 1. sladie 2. DavidB 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  12. Any confirmation on new types of grenades? See you Thurs. sladie
  13. sladie

    Rainbow 6

    You were shot by DavidB? Wuss. PS You look like a tree
  14. Best Shooting Game: Rainbow 6 Best Sports Game (Inc Racing): Moto GP Best Live Gamer (based on skill and as a person): Bravestarr UK Worst Live Gamer (Based on DavidB): DavidB Host of The Year Award: Uxorious Dream Team (inc 4 players): sladie, elmo, Mecca, DavidB (on Rainbow 6) Worst online game: Spinter Cell (I just don't like it, sorry) Best online game: Moto GP
  15. DavidB, why did you have to lower the tone? And look at your signature. When was the last time you played Ghost Recon? But yet you claim you are currently playing it! Lies, all lies!!! Well, I'm not standing for it anymore. No siree.
  16. The game has been out for nearly 6 months and it is still gets the biggest crowd of people (from this forum at least). No other Live game has had this much longevity. And they are going to release two more maps! Why do you suddenly not like RS3 anymore? Or have I just not noticed your deeply-held hatred for it? I am going to buy Unreal Championship, by the way. Are you up for teaching me the ropes of the maps, etc?
  17. I might pop in if there's room for a badass grenade killa...
  18. This sounds so good! They need to put in more types of greandes though.
  19. This game has grenades, right? I'm a yes, by the way
  20. I'm another Londoner: GR:IT - <--- Yes GR - <--- Yes Top Spin - <--- Yes Counter Strike - <--- Yes Wolfenstein - <--- Yes PGR2 - <--- Yes Moto GP demo - <--- Yes Rainbow Six 3 - <--- Yes SC:PT <--- Yes
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