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  1. I'll be straight on to give the new map a blast when I get home from work (around 8-ish). Just enough time to work out if there are any grenading-death run opportunities
  2. Yeah, count me in. Usual time?
  3. Only because of your Action Replay
  4. 1) Hitcher 2) Squirtle 3) Kryptonian 4) CurryKitten 5) JCAFarley 6) DavidB 7) Uxorious sladie
  5. The connection didn't drop at all, so incomplete seems a little odd. I've had some fun games on the RLLMUK Tour. My highlight is my 0% record in tennis matches compared with my 100% record in coin tosses.
  6. 10pm tonight is fine by me. Are the finals a best of 5 affair? I've never been out of the first round before...
  7. I'd love a little bit of MotoGP 1)elmo 2)mecca (he has told me his is in) 3)Uxy 4)DavidB 5)Napolian 6)Simms 7)BraveStarr 8)sladie 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16)
  8. sladie


    Sounds good. I've only played it in one player so far so I'd love to give it a whirl on Live. Anytime on xmas day is good for me.
  9. I've just sent off a cheque to Yoda for a modded xbox too. I have paid out for a second machine though, so no cold turkey for me. A nice little xmas pressie from me to me We'll miss you, slag.
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