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  1. 1st - Athletic (still the team to beat)

    2nd - United (steely magic)

    3rd - Rovers (we will score more and concede less than we did last season, and I think we will surprise a few people)

    4th - City (goals, goals, goals)

    5th - Town (who is going to tell them all to "drop off"?)

    6th - Wanderers (wooden spoon)

  2. Can everyone tell me how they're getting on with the defending in this and how confident they would be in a defensive position? I've no problem controlling two or more defenders if I'm taking over for the evening.

    Well, I don't even know what that this 'legacy' thing is. I was finding defending quite tough in single player, but I'm hoping that it will be easier if I'm just controlling one guy in BAP.

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