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  1. Well I have been saying for three seasons that I've been due a goal...

    I have no idea what happened last night. I can't believe I'm now on the 'Top Scorers' chart on the website. I'd like to thank God, Pompey and Mr O'Shea :D

    BUT most of all I'm disappointed by the way we crumbled and conceded those two late goals in the second game. We are better than that, and as a group at the back we let ourselves down by allowing our heads drop. I still hate conceding goals more than I like scoring them.

  2. 1st = Town. After a treble of runners-up medals, surely this is going be our year. On paper it looks as through we'll miss Sean's goals but last season we didn't score that many more than usual. And of course 8 of those came in one match against United…

    2nd = Athletic. With Sean up-front I expect a return to the free scoring Athletic of old.

    3rd = Wanderers. Quality all over the pitch, will be another strong season.

    4th = Rovers. Most are predicting a breakthrough for City this season, but I think Rovers will surprise a few people. They had a terrible end to last season, but until the last few weeks it looked as if they would challenge United for fourth. They will do better this time around.

    5th = United. They've just had one of their worst ever seasons and I think the slide will continue.

    6th = City. Steely isn't the player he was in FIFA 09. 'Never go back' and all that…

    Golden boot = Sean

    Gate = Timmo&Joe-gate.

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