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  1. Anyone know if its possible to copy the SNES "pulsating" border which shifts to the colours on screen over to retroarch?
  2. For those wondering: Look how much better it all is. The old version is absolutely rock solid and I've read a few complaints about the newer one so haven't upgraded but stuff like this makes it tempting, especially the Dreamcast improvements. PSC just keeps on delivering.
  3. Yep but this is the internet where a bunch of overweight, middle aged guys with questionable personal hygiene have nothing better to do that bitch about what someone else has actually done whilst doing sweet FA themselves to help anyone else. Personally I really appreciate the effort as you need English in these games to get the most enjoyment as the text adds loads to the experience which is also why I gave @Goemon props for his offer to pitch in but the usual knee jerk squad who are still sensitive over my last posts evidently didn't comprehend that..
  4. Has anyone else been keeping up with the latest updates? Apparently there are some big changes to the Amiga emulation as it uses a totally different app now.
  5. Only 2 dislikes? You're slipping, you silly little nerdy social rejects. Quick, send out the signal Because just like before you know what I said is true. Lamers.
  6. Can anyone with a Shield TV compare the emulation quality for DC and report back? Thats mainly what I want one for and from what I've heard the Shield has more grunt and thus should have better emulation?
  7. That would be good, be helpful instead of dissing those who are making an effort because its thanks to them that dozens of us who never played these games finally get to experience them and make sense of whats kicking at the same time. If every armchair critic actually pitched in with their professed skills instead of just bitching imagine what it could be?
  8. How many games have you translated and released?
  9. Truth. The ergonomics and general quality puts me off a lot of these emulation devices as they all manage to do something wrong whilst the Vita aces it on all accounts and has the best dpad ever. I'd happily pay upto 50 for a perfectly working DC emulator on there as those games on that screen with that form factor would be perfection.
  10. Oh indeed. Translation of 4 is on the way as well.
  11. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/5354/ http://www.romhacking.net/translations/5353/ How amazing? Big props to the team for making this finally happen, drama laced thread and origin story here: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=20026.160 Here's some covers for the SNES Mini (Preset 0000): They really should have a Patreon/donation thing for the effort that went into making this happen as I'd slide a few bucks over to show my appreciation. Enjoy
  12. Was checking out some videos and it seems to be a really good option as its decently priced, small, quiet and powerful plus very well supported with lots of optimized builds of various emulators. Anyone on board? If so how is it?
  13. We, being s.m.a.t, already knew this of course but the proof is out there: If you're good at games, you might also be good at everything else. That's according to a new study that found two of the world's most popular video games act like IQ tests. Those who are the best at them also get the highest scores on traditional intelligence tests, suggesting that video games might actually make you smarter. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/gaming/video-games-computer-intelligence-iq-test-league-legends-dota-2-defence-ancients-a8057176.html . Gamers perform 10 to 20 percent higher in terms of perceptual and cognitive abilities compared to non-gamers according to the research. Furthermore, the research revealed gamers have longer attention spans and larger field of vision than normal people. https://www.versiondaily.com/science-gamers-are-better-and-smarter-than-non-gamers/ For our study, the experienced players conducted standard paper-and-pencil intelligence tests. The results showed that those with higher IQ test scores tended to perform better at the game. http://theconversation.com/why-video-games-could-be-the-new-iq-tests-87625 Not to mention the rest of the benefits like increased reaction time, offsetting neuro degradation due to ageing, better focus, more concentration, ease of multitasking etc.. Dang it feels good to be a gamer! And now a little bit of philosophy to herald my return: * *'Im sure you're smart enough to read between the lines
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