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  1. I like Disney, i like the idea of having it as a separate platform, so that my kids can watch it, but the launch is stupid to say the least. Disney+ I came across this article, so basically, people from - dunno, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia or even Belgium will not have it? And they have to use/ buy a vpn for it? sounds stupid
  2. What do you think of this platform?
  3. I really like all Iron Maiden album covers, as they all have one concept.They are controversial in some sort, like Sanctuary album for example.
  4. Quote

    Shilling for nordvpn (and fitbits in other threads)

    If I say something that I like I am shilling  instantly? Jesus Christ, I just shared my opinion, experience and shared a useful link that someone might find helpful. I have also mentioned samoyed dogs, so I am shilling for samoeyds  as well? 

  5. I play CandyCrush and that's it. I've tried playing the Walking Dead No Man's Land but I got really bored :/
  6. Best series so far.... It's scary, it's sad and it's history. The fight against invisible enemy.
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