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  1. Let me know when you are at the end boss Zeus. Hardest thing I've ever done in a game.
  2. I thought about that. Then I realised that both consoles are using AMD. So? Well. Any negitive press for either Mircosoft or Sony hurts AMD as well.
  3. Both companies have only given the specs of the console thus far. Any in-depth analyst you see on the internet is to be taken with a pitch of salt.
  4. I've never bought an Xbox before. But I am tempted this time around.
  5. Normally with each console release there is only a couple of games worth playing at launch. So having the ability to play PS4 or Xbox games from the previous generation of console makes sense.
  6. Sadly no. But remember when Destiny was released and how it compared to everything else at the time?
  7. You won't play them again once you see the games being developed for these new consoles.
  8. Same here. But other people have collections of titles that they like to play often.
  9. I'd still personally rather buy my games. They feel more special that way. I can be more selective in my choices.
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