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  1. I noticed the bonus but I thought it was a market sale.
  2. Yeah you need to buy or mine the minerals yourself. Hardly any profit though. Best ones to do are the faction specific ones.
  3. The Jita gate has over 100 ships trying to get in. Quite impressive to see.
  4. The basic one, which I have gives you skill time bonus. You also get premium log in each day loot. Not really sure what else. Probably more slots to sell on the market or something. No one appears to be buying off the market currently, at least not my stuff, but then it is inflated prices.
  5. Selling on the market. You don't have to pay real money, but expect to have to put in a good few hours to get 500 plex points. You have the option to buy AUR credits for 99p and upwards, which gives 25 plex in total, I think. Either sell for ISK (EVE money) or keep. Buying items is limited to bigger trading hubs otherwise. Ship skins and stuff and be bought with AUR too.
  6. Paid for an Omega clone (30 days) to make it easier to sell items on the market. Got a mining ship now after completing a few tasks. One thing that always amazes me is how some people are shocked when they see that the whole game isn't free.
  7. I never thought I would see Eve online on mobile. I was gobsmacked when I first tried the beta. I didn't think it was even possible.
  8. My brightness is auto set at 65%. If that helps.
  9. Looks the same as my screenshot. I wear glasses for distance.
  10. I have a XL phone so it's suited quite well for me. The UI isn't overpowering and there is still enough room for everything else that needs to be shown without it feeling cramped.
  11. Text size is fine for me. Try turning up the graphic setting to high.
  12. Encounters seem to be the easiest way to earn money from the beginning. Buying stuff seems to be limited to bigger trading stations, unless buy a better clone.
  13. PVE? Yes. But not exclusively. EVE mobile is still built around PVP.
  14. Toss up between Caldari or Minmatar. Probably the latter. But I do like spamming cruise missiles in a cloaked Raven though.
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