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  1. If there was ever a reason to want to buy a PS5, this game is it. I still haven't played the remake yet.
  2. I was thinking of reapplying the thermal paste with some Arctic Silver(tm).
  3. Basically he is saying that if you take the PS5 apart like this, he [i]will[/i] find you.
  4. Taking the fan off will invalidate your warranty, so not a good idea in the short term.
  5. You would still need to take the fan off to clean the dusk stuck around it after a while. Nice to know that you can. The PSU looks a little fragile with a two pin connection.
  6. As soon as Demon Souls is released, the PS5 has everyone's money.
  7. Knowing ShopTo you'll probably recieve it the same day.
  8. The new Pulse headphones are cheaper than the older Platinum ones.
  9. If any game that needs the PS5 treatment it's Nier.
  10. Sorry my bad. I didn't know it was a free upgrade!
  11. Not a chance it will be free. I've watched a couple of the preview videos and I've seen the toll the game is taking on the Devs, not good.
  12. The (TGS) show starts at 12 Noon?
  13. I'd presume it's dependent on how the drive is formatted.
  14. It's kind of cool. Dare I say the best looking console Sony has ever made?
  15. Incased in a glass fronted cabinet with no price tag.
  16. Does a TV need HDMI 2.1 for 4K 120Hz? I also read that projectors have around 13ms input lag at 4K. I wonder if the same is true for TV's.
  17. The strange thing about both Microsoft consoles is the lack of any LED lights.
  18. Was anyone impressed with the RE: 8 Village trailer?
  19. I paid £70 for an imported Super Street fighter 2 on the SNES.
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