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  1. His name was Robert Paulson. Just to get that out of the way early.
  2. It’s another one of these and is respectful and playful in all the right ways. At least as good as the previous one. A solid 3/5 watch it or don’t movie. It was my first 4DX experience though, and 10/5 for that. Felt like I nearly needed a seat belt during some of the more intense scenes.
  3. Well the alternative to opening with a ‘word’ with as many vowels and common consonants as possible is opening with a guess that you genuinely think will be correct. Best not to overthink it and find the fun where you can. For me it’s just the cultural moment we’ll all forget about in a month then be reminded of for a beat in some other thread 6 years from now.
  4. Wordle 209 3/6 Those openers haven’t failed me yet.
  5. Throw the letters you want to test at it in an order that could plausibly form a real word…and you learn a lot of new words.
  6. Ooh, Bug Fables £13.49. I gave up pretty early with Origami King and its time wasting battle system.
  7. I got Wipeout as a pack in a few years ago when I bought the thing, and it’s been one of the go to games I use to demo VR for family and such. It was only this week I realised it’s a fully functional game in its own right and the VR is optional.
  8. World of Warcraft Hearthstone KOTOR Fur Fighters Arkham City
  9. 8 fucked itself with the basketball court revelation. Dumbest plot twist in the series.
  10. OLED ordered as both a treat for myself and a chance to gift my niece with my lite as a hand me down first console.
  11. Yeah even down to the voices you can always tell “This, this and that are Trey, this and that is Matt” The thought of Matt having to sing “I got some apples.” Week on week always gets a smile out of me.
  12. Well, Henry has a vocal interest in the Mass Effect adaptation. To be that man…
  13. In every possible timeline Randy fucks that pangolin. Every. Damn. Time.
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