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  1. One of the most impactful moments from the game
  2. I wonder if they’re writing something new into Ellie’s character. The Dahmer like curiosity she had playing with the infected makes me think that look on her face as she watched Joel beat a man to death was worth reading into. Every other word or action from her is in service of getting a gun!
  3. I thought I had steeled myself against the hype, and was actually rolling my eyes a little at the tropes in the middle. Blubbering mess.
  4. At times such as the exact moment you just described liking!
  5. I wonder how they’ll go about casting. There’ll need to be a lot of counselling involved to cope with certain ‘fans’.
  6. Oh joy, someone criticising Lindelof for making stuff up as he goes. I needed a good scream into a pillow.
  7. If you go in blind Fassbender’s plot is banana’s and worth the ride for the sheer audacity of going there after the last one.
  8. Brenaissance. Mummy 4: This time it’s Perusonal.
  9. I imagine he regrets a lot of things. Innocent until proven guilty regarding the charges. But I bet he regrets making that video.
  10. The first six seasons were gas leak years.
  11. I really hope the pre-credits next week is just Bill and Frank doing some shopping in a Home Depot when shit goes down and they have to Dead Rising their way out.
  12. I thought they were supposed to be softening Joel a bit for this?
  13. Not yet. Even more amazing considering how poorly that second trailer spoiled things. Do you want to market this thing badly or not!
  14. Typo! It just dawned on me after watching the Scream VI trailer that the title was probably contrived for a cringe poster.
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