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  1. I went to buy Metal Gear 5 for a fiver from the Playstation store, just clicking through the screens. Didn't realise the con artists had "You might also like...Mass Effect Legendary edition" as an opt out rather than an opt in. So now have to wait til Monday morning to sort the £70 refund. Shady c***s.
  2. That was such a hard misdirect it was basically the announcement.
  3. It’s almost bizarre how much of a leap in quality this show has demonstrated. It’s not just production value.
  4. makkuwata


    Current battleground stats: 1464hrs played, 1036 wins. Help. It’s such easy background noise to whatever you’re doing, if you miss a turn you’re not letting anyone down. If you remember to return to it you can have some fun.
  5. I’ve clocked thousands of hours with the switch and have literally only tried 5 minutes with it docked, out of curiosity.
  6. I think I’ve been influenced on the portrayal of the kids by a very believable account of someone on Reddit who went to school with the curly haired one and relayed how he’s a dick.
  7. Yeah, but he always makes “a bit rubbish” a solid Ryan Reynolds vehicle.
  8. And also the N word tapes and that time Tom Arnold says he saw him call Eric the R word. Let’s nip this in the bud.
  9. Pretty good. Made me scared in a covid world if I’d lost all track of what day or month I was living in. (I have)
  10. I love the Colbert theory. Bezos has the N word tapes.
  11. It’s not the hosts, but also watch Aunty Donna on Netflix or YouTube or whatever. It’s self aware.
  12. The kids are still the worst most punchable pair you knew in school, but this Superman is good enough to push through that. With different casting of the kids I’d have a better time with it, but it works.
  13. Ha, had no idea about any of this but when I saw the topic title I thought “Chloe Bennet” For something I didn’t know was a thing moments ago...I’m now fascinated by whatever car crash this appears to be.
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