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  1. I had trouble sleeping last night and tried an exercise of playing through Mario 64 star by star in my minds eye. I had to skip a few occasionally, but I got to 70 and the final boss before realising I’d wasted two hours of mental exercise. Inception. It was probably 10 minutes. But it can be done. But sure, I bought it again.
  2. There’s been a lot of reading into things, and what is money, but with the biggest franchise on the planet I wonder if there was an inner circle and that first “on your left” reveal in Endgame actually was a tragic tribute.
  3. My opinion: I loved being in a cinema again. I was miles from anyone and everybody at all times respected our current reality. The movie was a load of wank. I look forward to The Batman.
  4. So the current article on the bbc news page (our collective defacto home page) is still a reflection from the Black Panther director. I literally caught myself swiping away “a fly” from my face before I realised I was crying.
  5. [slurring] "I love those shoes!" [stone faced] "Alfred."
  6. Very good. Joker was a 70's Scorsese. They're trying their absolute best.
  7. This is difficult to comment on. He left the project for tragic personal reasons, but there is also a conversation that attributed that as a convenient excuse and he was actually let go earlier. Yet more money was spent on this than any movie in history so we need to kick in the PR. What Snyder went through is unimaginable and I try to use it as a framing device to apologise for a lot of his abhorrent outspoken comments. but at a certain point we have to be allowed to call him an asshole for being an asshole.
  8. I’d never paid particular attention to the lyrics before now. It took me too long to realise it wasn’t a new cover.
  9. “Only in theatres 2021” Well, some of the best jokes are always in the trailer.
  10. Any weekly wackadoos? https://weeklyplanetpod.bandcamp.com/ A good resource of free commentaries to these awful movies from a couple of guys who know their stuff and know that none of this is important in any way. Might make for a fun piece of WFH background noise.
  11. His dad is supposed to die of a heart attack to teach him that he’s not all powerful and can’t save everyone. Kevin Costner had his own thing going on. He was the protagonist of some other movie Zack Snyder will let us all in on one day. That man wanted to die.
  12. Yeah, but the battles are tedious Bioshock hacking mini games. I don’t want to engage with any of it. The cash fuels further tedious battles. I might get the “hack slower” perk at some point down the road, but I didn’t want any part of it!
  13. There is no benefit from completing a battle, there are consequences for attempting to flee. The humour is still all there, but I think i'm done with this halfway through the blue ribbon stuff. It'll be fun with an emulator someday.
  14. That anime pastiche has confirmed for me that I’ll just never get anime. It’s clearly a loving adaptation to the form, but maybe I should stop trying to understand the appeal of Dragonball or Naruto and just accept it’s not for me. I’d watch a storyboard voiceover for next season in a heartbeat tho.
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