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  1. I’m sure this will be fine and I’ll watch to be part of the conversation, but the buzz around it is off-putting and likes the smell of its own farts. I would watch the hell out of a Jack Slater movie with modern day Arnie.
  2. Anyone watch in the end? I never did bother post-crisis. For a few years there we really had something. Candice on instagram Handing the role over to Kiersey Clemons after 9 years and 184 episodes. Kiersey was cast for the Flash movie in 2016.
  3. Yeah. The Lego movie had a fun original twist and the Mario movie always settled for the obvious choice.
  4. Looking more Mario than Lego movie.
  5. Similar story here. I put it on just now and yup, that’s Beat Saber. Maybe I’ll stick around now that it’s HD. Saying that I tried two tracks then immediately closed it to try Humanity for the first time. You have to manually switch to VR mode from the main menu and when I do the left lens stops displaying anything, so it’s like looking at a colour blindness test cross eyed. Not curious enough to chase up what’s going on there, it’ll be another of those weird interactions that sometimes has the TV display switch off on the home screen.
  6. Nice, Beat Saber is a free upgrade.
  7. It’s nice to have this with all the DC games being so crap at the moment.
  8. They’ve been trying to sell me Dragon’s Dogma what feels like all my life, they’re not going to get me today.
  9. A night in the woods sequel. How nice.
  10. If this ends with us back in The Third Place then bravo to whoever put this together.
  11. We’re not allowed to want Zelda to look better tho.
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