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  1. Yeah, it was 2 hours of exposition before bed last night for me. Loving it.
  2. They’ll surely need to address what that movie did to her character if they want to maintain casting. I envision a flashpoint commander Shepard moral choice wheel.
  3. I definitely played this to the point of the time travel desert, but I’ve completely lost all but a few snapshot recollections. It’s a refreshing new old style Zelda. Playing OOT at 13 years old there was one puzzle that stumped me; gaining entry to the old Link fire dungeon. With this it feels like I’ve ran into that kind of thing a few times and have lost my Zelda grammar.
  4. I’m definitely about 3 years too young to care about this, born in 86. I enjoy it for what it is, but it’s not a religion. Some of the reaction online has been surreal. TMNT and Jurassic Park toys were sold to me, this was always lobbed in with Scooby Doo or the Flintstones.
  5. I just know that it’s one of the few films I spent a month with on solo trips to the cinema just trying to soak in the audience reaction, and it always got an infectious reaction. Sharon’s family were hesitant about the pitch but gave their blessing upon reading the script.
  6. I wouldn’t rewatch it so quick in non covid times. But rewatched it. EP job, she did. There were a lot of butt shots. Like…really too many. You reflexively enjoy them in the moment if you’re inclined, but it was cynical.
  7. There’s a lot of background noise with the implied investment in this universe that doesn’t quite tie in with “let’s put a purple filter on and see how that works”
  8. I’ve not read up on it but that’s part of the reason I’ve turned against the show a little. It looks spectacular. They’re not SG-1 in the 90’s returning to the same Vancouver quarry to dance in front of squibs. But for our time it feels…rewritten, or given up on. The more it sits with me the less well it sits.
  9. Woof, message posted some 7 minutes ago. Awaiting stronger criticism than that.
  10. Ok good. Arya can grow up and be…provocative. So can she. Nothing. Never mind.
  11. Is that the same actress portraying Ciri, grown up a little, or has there been a recast with Henry being born a decade too late to play Aragorn?
  12. Very jealous. It’ll probably be Ford lighting one up and pretending to be busy for the cameras hiding behind some curtains, but it’s Indy.
  13. Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds were married once upon a time, yeah? I’m not Mandela effecting myself? They played the super hero landing gag multiple times in a gendered way that didn’t have the wink and nod that Deadpool gave.
  14. I did have a moment of wondering if Jos Whedon had a pass on this script, given the awkward dialogue mentioned above. It’s difficult to understand how that makes the final cut given that it must have been poured over for years since it first wrapped.
  15. I’m fairly confident that I once watched a complete speed run of Super Metroid back in the day, yet have never invested those couple of hours to actually play through it. Meanwhile I could knock out Sonic 2 in 50 minutes with a blindfold on. I might try to motivate myself into playing it this weekend ahead of what we’re getting from the franchise down the road.
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