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  1. Just give the street and 400 episodes to performers at the Melbourne fringe. Greatest improv sesh ever.
  2. Having only kept up with the show the past few years through YouTube highlights and reactions I had a great time with the finale. I was just the right amount of high, mind.
  3. No decent source yet but it looks like ‘Tommy the White Ranger’ Jason David Frank has died at 49. He was the cool one!
  4. Wordle 515 4/6 Cheated on the second guess, but that’ll do.
  5. Back this weekend. S06E07 - "Full Meta Jackrick" Getting some season 5 vibes from that. But everything has been great this year.
  6. BBC have one now too, with a ‘Statement’ from Mark Hamill rather than a tweet. I don’t like this week in: The World.
  7. What the fuck! Twitter is a self destructing minefield and it’s hard to get a clear picture, but it seems legit. Speaking of, he’s on Twitter everyday and always a welcomed note of sense in the timeline.
  8. Framed #239 https://framed.wtf I must have watched the VHS 30 times as a kid.
  9. According to deadline the cast are still getting paid for season 5. At least give us the table reads!
  10. Cancelled! Did not see that coming. Season 4 was my least favourite season and had hoped for something more.
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