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  1. I’m genuinely confused by what I just watched. I read the book as a kid and saw the Lynch movie, but there’s still no story. It looked pretty and the sound design was excellent, great to feel the seat vibrate in the cinema again. But what a load of wank.
  2. I don’t really understand that attitude. Idiots buy FIFA and CoD every year, let them. It’s not your money. They throw out dreck at the cinema in the same way, and I know to avoid anything Michael Bay, but if studios want to spend hundreds of millions on comfort food like this then that’s on them.
  3. I am starved for content. I will pay to watch anything at a cinema right now. This looks like a decent way to spend 2 hours.
  4. Something something Sony. I’d like to see it, made with better people. If Tom Hardy can knock these out over a few weeks and forget about them then fair enough, but there was a reference to the improvised lobster gag in this and that felt like the best they could do to tie it together. With better writing this could be salvaged, but it’s bottom of the barrel on its own.
  5. That was maybe the worst thing I’ve ever sat through at the cinema. I didn’t walk out only because it was mercifully short.
  6. This needs to be done right. Batman might be decent in March, but I would rather see it a year clear of all this. Maybe I’m stung from having seen venom 2 and how awful that was.
  7. In 09 I was made to sit through a double feature of the first Twilight and Marley and Me. Didn't take anything away from Owen Wilson, I cried at that movie that was written purely with that response on a post-it above a monitor. It took longer to forgive Robert Pattinson, so I get the initial response, but he's redeemed himself a dozen times over through the years.
  8. Is the secret, secret room at the start of the promenade ever going to have a blueprint again? I don’t know. Do I climb for it every time? Yes.
  9. I really enjoyed this, but there were a number of set pieces that were set up with a narrative briefing on what happens next and while sitting through the spectacle I realised I’d rather be playing it. Good one to go out on.
  10. I've been dipping in and out the past couple of years, watching the Ham stats roll upward, but was there much dedicated discussion around here on the Schumi Netflix doc? I just finished it and a lot of the candid...but not so candid talk from family members shocked me. I'd heard the PR, but those around him seem to be saying he's gone.
  11. It seems to be a love/hate film. Be prepared for a relaxed pace.
  12. I am about to delete Axiom Verge 1 from my card. It was a game of modest storage space that never made the cut when a big new release came about. Now I'll never return to it as I download the sequel. Breath of the Wild's two year no play streak is looking pretty tempting to finally make that sacrifice.
  13. This show has no reason to ever end.
  14. Jeff seems to be living his best life on Twitter, so I still subscribe. Can’t say I’ve taken advantage of any of their content in the past year, or can afford…things.
  15. The “bet you didn’t see that coming” gag from Age of Ultron is still the best laugh from the MCU. In his own words “it should have been me!” We were all ready then, but you had a to go and grab some character development.
  16. I’ve had it since launch and forced the update a few days ago when I thought it’d give me a dumb reason to get back to it someday. Sat there for 60 seconds or more for it to load. Just make it with 90’s sprites and boot it immediately. It’s the same gameplay loop. We figured this out with other genres by now.
  17. I’ve listened to a few audiobooks that they don’t seem too worried about taking down from YouTube. This universe is trash. You just gotta respect it on its terms.
  18. It wasn’t too long, but there was a lot more down time than I was expecting. Time that should be used for character development and I just wasn’t feeling it. Better than the other one, but I didn’t walk out thinking James Gunn had saved the state of things.
  19. Yeah, it was 2 hours of exposition before bed last night for me. Loving it.
  20. They’ll surely need to address what that movie did to her character if they want to maintain casting. I envision a flashpoint commander Shepard moral choice wheel.
  21. I definitely played this to the point of the time travel desert, but I’ve completely lost all but a few snapshot recollections. It’s a refreshing new old style Zelda. Playing OOT at 13 years old there was one puzzle that stumped me; gaining entry to the old Link fire dungeon. With this it feels like I’ve ran into that kind of thing a few times and have lost my Zelda grammar.
  22. I’m definitely about 3 years too young to care about this, born in 86. I enjoy it for what it is, but it’s not a religion. Some of the reaction online has been surreal. TMNT and Jurassic Park toys were sold to me, this was always lobbed in with Scooby Doo or the Flintstones.
  23. I just know that it’s one of the few films I spent a month with on solo trips to the cinema just trying to soak in the audience reaction, and it always got an infectious reaction. Sharon’s family were hesitant about the pitch but gave their blessing upon reading the script.
  24. I wouldn’t rewatch it so quick in non covid times. But rewatched it. EP job, she did. There were a lot of butt shots. Like…really too many. You reflexively enjoy them in the moment if you’re inclined, but it was cynical.
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