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  1. Surprised by how disappointed I was to get a Twitch alert just now that girlfriendreviews is going live with an early copy. They got death threats for their excellent take on TLOU2. edit: They have a pinned donate link in chat to support trans rights. Still. Hmm.
  2. I think it’s quite fun. But I do think Studio 60 was unfairly criticised in its day for being unfunny. They pretty much nailed it.
  3. They definitely needed to start allowing Joel to lighten up a bit and bond with Ellie this episode, but it wasn’t framed around much. My strongest memory from the game for the time covered was getting lost in a bookstore beside the abandoned FEDRA checkpoint. Tho I think in the game it was Pittsburg rather than Kansas city. Really weird episode. I figured the cliffhanger moment would be end of act 1. I wonder how far in advance they knew Ep5 would air early due to the Super Bowl.
  4. I feel like they thought it was enough to end with Rick saying the naughty word, but then they didn’t even follow through on that. What a simpler time.
  5. Where do you even find your order history? Horizon peer pressure is getting to me. Edit: I found it by ordering a charging station and working backwards. I see what they did there.
  6. I don’t hold strong opinions on posters either way, other than idly thinking it’d be nice to frame a Struzan print one day, but that Mario poster is particularly unremarkable.
  7. Ally McBeal exists in a space in my head alongside Cybill where I probably watched every episode but couldn’t tell you a thing about it. It’s the only explanation for why every actor who made an appearance is defined by that show, no matter their success before or since.
  8. I’m only an hour or so in, but boy does Isaac have some sticky feet when walking over bodies.
  9. Apparently my Aunt and Uncle went as well. They’re both cinephiles who should really know better - their company has done PR for the local NI chain Moviehouse for as far back as me getting to see Jurassic Park a month early when I was 7. My Uncles take was ‘dumb fun’ but that ‘Gerard Butler does a terrible Scottish accent.’
  10. At her last stand in the game she tells Joel “There’s enough here that you have to feel some sort of obligation to me, so you get her to Tommy’s” which is about the extent of what we learn. Rule 1: ‘no talking about Tess’ is straight from the game.
  11. Wait, he also said he’s bad at lying.
  12. I mean he said he wasn’t a whore, but saying doesn’t make it so. At that point they’d known each other a couple of hours, he was sleeping with a stranger for room and board.
  13. Sorry for the direct link, but this is important.
  14. Warning: As a ‘bit’ it’s awful. But the costume looks promising.
  15. I wonder how much Ted Danson’s agent is looking when approached for a Frasier reboot appearance.
  16. Same here. I figured I’d get around to Forbidden West first, but just know I’m going to give in.
  17. The first game took me around 14 hours and for a 9 hour adaptation I’d say they’ve got a good pace. They’d have to be considering splitting Part 2 over a couple of seasons tho. Whatever format they choose to follow in telling that story it’s over twice as long as the first.
  18. The PlayStation stars quests have updated and Beyond Light is listed under the PSPlus campaign. There’s also a separate campaign dedicated to preordering Lightfall.
  19. My parents are taking my 86yr old Granda to the cinema for this today. I guess I’m streaming it at some point to be part of the conversation.
  20. Especially as it’s the first thing we see a day after the announcement of the original actress passing away.
  21. The show has now established that Joel and Tess have been together for 13+ years, I expect that means it isn’t the last we’ll see of Anna Torv. They’re bound to do a flashback episode with Tommy to fill in how they got to Boston and cover their falling out. She’d have to be in the picture by then.
  22. New DC Universe Unveils First 10 Projects: ‘Superman: Legacy’ in 2025, Batman & Robin Movie, Green Lantern Series, Wonder Woman Prequel and More
  23. I’m surprised they didn’t let him milk reading the end of the letter. Opening aside, I don’t recall him ever having a good cry in the game, but they have said they’re softening him for the show. We’ve yet to see evidence of that.
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