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  1. I thought they were supposed to be softening Joel a bit for this?



    He didn’t exactly have any words of comfort for Tess in the game, but I almost laughed out loud when he wordlessly just turned around and bolted out of there with Ellie.


  2. 1 hour ago, Hanzo the Razor said:

    Can we give a shout out to John Hannah? He was superb in that opening scene.

    The other scientist is a recognisable “that guy” actor and the part seemed a little beneath him!


    They absolutely nailed the casting of Tommy. I gather the show will use a flashback structure so I’m sure we’ll see plenty of him going forward. Not to mention the potential for season 2.

  3. 1 hour ago, jonamok said:

    Trust Mazin.

    I remember The Hangover Part II having some laughs in a “how can the same shit happen to the same guys twice” sort of way. But The Hangover Part III was unforgivable.


    I’ve never seen anything from the Scary Movie franchise.

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