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  1. I'm definitely of the impression that Agatha turned up after the fact and took her time putting the dungeon trap in place. But expectations are tempered.
  2. The moment where Clark has to duck out of the BBQ and gives the kids a knowing look with Jordan having a shit eating grin on his face justifies the show.
  3. A bullet. In one of those automated guns that caught him off guard. World's greatest detective. God I loved Batfleck tho.
  4. If there's even a one percent chance he's our enemy, we need to treat it like an absolute certainty. He has a premonition of a grimdark future where Superman wipes everyone out. He decides to kill him. Changes his mind for LOL reasons. He buries him after he dies anyway. "I need to form the Justice League, I just have this weird feeling" Walks away from funeral. I can't wait for this.
  5. That second Kryptonite grenade...
  6. We're back! Fascinating to watch the socially distanced framing.
  7. I'm only 15 minutes into this weeks ep, but the production value is still on point, and I'm loving all the domestic "Yeah, I'm Superman, NBD" moments.
  8. There are definitely a few Wackadoos in this thread.
  9. Not a surprise the way these contracts work, but they were happy enough to announce early.
  10. I’ve literally never heard of the place in my life before this thread and must have missed that episode because you’d all be mad at how I pronounce it.
  11. I find this charming. Not profitable, charming.
  12. Very curious where this is going. The Superman and Lois situation.
  13. Kish is a good laugh, but I'd be lying if I said my first impression of her wasn't "Hot!". All this Danny talk may lead me down a dark path of reflection...
  14. That was always the move. There are no other movies and twitter falls apart anytime a new promo image comes out. Make hay and all that. Terrible, terrible hay.
  15. That line will be quoted in 50 years.
  16. Their headline show when they launched The Paramount Network in the states a quarter century ago was Star Trek Voyager.
  17. Yeah, Cap didn't go back and steal that guy's wife, he went back and took the wife the wibbley/wobbley always wanted him to have.
  18. I desperately need some BTS footage of Dr Beverly Crusher being the one to break the news to Clark.
  19. Not to mention this conversation
  20. Yeah, looks like he’s slipping into his role as the Spielberg to whomever’s Zemeckis.
  21. Until looking it up just now I had no idea Mia Farrow had 14 children (6 biological). Listening to the Crooked media guys and Lovett occasionally being coy about Ronan's drama...that adds a whole new twist.
  22. So they did. I guess I really can pay more attention to work than background distractions. Why did I ever do this job in an office..
  23. I didn't even think of Jimmy! I thought it was a shame Kara wasn't there for Martha's funeral, but even setting aside not wanting a distracting stunt cameo in the pilot there was maternity and covid. I imagine he'll show up but be recast with a Crisis handwave. They can get away with a recast of General Lane and Morgan Edge without mention, but they'll probably need to hang a lantern on it if they want to use Jimmy. And they should.
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