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  1. Look at us though, referring to "TV". Soon enough we'll be the old folks who babble about "talkies".
  2. He pointed out the explanation for the 4:3 in the pinned comment, which I also learnt about moments before watching the vid earlier. TIL
  3. I grew up in a small town where access to DC/Marvel wasn't a thing. It was Beano and Dandy. Now as a man in my mid-thirties they're spending millions of dollars to provide the weekly experience I missed out on.
  4. So this is a deep dive analysis, from folks who know better, So go forward with EXTEREME CAUTION
  5. Yeah, this one needs a new thread. Waiting for it in a Christopher Lee sense.
  6. "Sparky" was the name of my first childhood pet, a budgie. And I would swear blind that I had that exact tiger toy sitting on the kitchen table. Mum and Dad would have overpaid for it from the Zoo giftshop. This show is weird
  7. DOWNLOAD FASTER. I mean it only takes a couple of minutes these days. BUT DOWNLOAD FASTER.
  8. I didn't catch that one, but wow. This show. It started slow.
  9. No-ish, but this thread reminded me that I've trolled a certain someone on twitter a few times as an alt [blocked] out of WFH frustration. The DM's would probably earn me a fortune.
  10. That could literally be a packet of raspberries from ASDA 'shopped onto his chest for a laugh. The lens flare/sparkle was a nice touch. Shout out to the artist//troll* who appreciates the sentiment. *That's the actual poster/production image** **That's unsubstantiated, but c'mon.
  11. Hades is no Dead Cells. It's not snobbish. Let's leave it there.
  12. Looking at the BBC news article; I get what you're going for by quoting PR statements from Zack and Slater, but don't end on the stabbing. Poor form.
  13. There's quite a lot of that hidden throughout. You learn to ignore it!
  14. I lived with my Switch and PC until a couple of years ago then bought a PS4 for Final Fantasy VII reasons. I subbed to PSnow and couldn't believe this was real life. Then it suddenly occurred to me it was the same as when I was 13 and discovered Snes9X. Too much is too much.
  15. I Immediately had to text that information to someone. But he's such a tease, who knows if it'll pay off.
  16. It's one of those fan casting rumours that without plausible denials is waiting on a post-covid shooting schedule.
  17. I didn’t pick up on that but the spoiler tags are a little cautious. You mean John Krasinski and Emily Blunt?
  18. The base game got me through 100 hours. The DLC is just a great bonus for those that are invested and it's nice to see they're still working on it. But yeah, fuck those fire hedgehogs.
  19. I've been in the crowd at Monaco before. Some of that doesn't look particularly safe...
  20. Nah, that's the game. I spend so much money on new "AAA" releases, but this and Hearthstone take up 99% of my gaming time. Saying that, I'm still reluctant to go outside my comfort zone of throwing down powerful traps for bosses while jumping like a loon.
  21. Woo has the horn for at least two different leading ladies!
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