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  1. Just completed it. Overall i'd say it's my favourite game in the series, but then I havn't played Twin Snakes and so havn't seen MSG1 all next gen and prettyful. When you're watching the game as much as playing it that has to make a difference. Don't know where they get off calling this a trilogy (which will be separate from 'MGS4') though. MGS3 has absolutely nothing to do with Solid Snake and probably only keeps the title for brand recognition. Most difficult sequence of the game for me: Click For Spoiler keeping that greedy cunt EVA well fed as she limped towards the lake. Her energy bar was barely dented by half a dozen Russian troops firing at her with AK's at point blank range, but everytime she took a few steps her stamina plummeted. With no food left it was a matter of sprinting all over the place looking for mushrooms to help her inch along without collapsing.
  2. God damn I sure have killed a lot of people in this game. Took me three very, very long 'walks of sorrow' to figure out what to do.
  3. Just beat 'The End'. Took me less than 5minutes on my first go, using the night vision goggles. They also made The Fear's stealth camo gimmick a bit shit. It must be a completely different game for people that didn't pick them up. I throw them on and off every few steps when exploring new areas. Pretty enjoyable so far though, but what's with Ocelot's Californian accent
  4. Tuning out the more bizarre elements of the plot is probably wise, but the whole 'Solid Snake is a clone' thing is pretty fundamental to all of the games, to be fair.
  5. Then why are people in 2005 voting it the second greatest cartoon ever
  6. The problem though...is that Tom and Jerry isn't actually funny
  7. Ooh, one of the 'stars' had a small guest spot on Stargate! Keeps gettin better!!11
  8. Highlander 4!?! This should be interesting....
  9. It actually took me until a second viewing to catch the dual meaning of the but sometimes not gag
  10. Didn't Keanu get like...a bajillion dollars for the sequels, then gave most of it away to the crew? Or is that just an Urban legend?
  11. Revolutions, maybe. But Reloaded was great!
  12. I imagine if they had attempted to end it with a return to earth episode, the effects of landmarks blowing up would look like a low budget 'Team America' effort. Better going for the gag of death getting kicked in the nads.
  13. The bit with the Fonz and the bees was good. If i'm thinking of the right movie.
  14. I've been trying my best to remain a whiter than white lightside Jedi, always opting for the dull, peaceful options. But when dealing with a couple of thugs on Nar Shadar and noticing "[Force Persuade]You want to leave this man alone and go run off the edge of that bottomless pit over there" well,
  15. Awww, isn't that cute.....BUT IT'S WRONG* *not really
  16. The fact that he has the money to go around faking that sort of thing for the hell of it, probably says more about his wealth and lifestyle than if it was actually a practical solution to deal with a busy shedule. I could never watch the Trump ones though, the hair is too much of a distraction.
  17. Is that Martin Freeman's BBC ID beside the alarm clock, or does Arthur have a job there I don't remember about?
  18. Marvin's walk is ace Other than that though, I dunno. If I wasn't already looking forward to it I don't think that trailer would sway me.
  19. Well, it does have to hold a brain the size of a(n apparently very small) planet...
  20. "Don't you think you've made me miss enough TV today Jack?"
  21. Click For Spoiler Anybody pedantic enough to check if the time between Jack making the call and Tony showing up is in line with the time taken to get back to Tony's place again? Hard to accept that Tony could have become such a miserable cunt between seasons. He survived being shot in the neck, saved his wife from torture and death, and was given a full pardon by the President for a crime he did commit. Win, win and win. Sure all thats got to affect a guy, but it feels like his self destruction was in part just there to add some tension to Jack's story for a while.
  22. Family guy is genius. You are wrong.
  23. Not bad, but it just seems like something that would have worked far better as a one off, self contained special. Throwing clichéd issues like person A doing person B's homework for a price, and person C giving girl advice to person D into this kind of show, just means they'll be applying the same basic joke to all the regular sitcom scenarios. With Family Guy back in play, I can't see this getting past the first season. Unless Bush does something daft like invade Iran or something.
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