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  1. I’ve definitely felt that given lockdown they went through test screenings and figured out how to release them in descending order of quality. But who knows, next week Steven Strange and Mephisto could show up and high five then wink at the camera and tell us to wait for the next one.
  2. Wow that child actor casting is on point. Up there with the flashback Supergirl episodes.
  3. Anyone know if this ticks over at midnight BST on Disney+, or 5 to 8 hours after? The difference between a good nights sleep and a bad one.
  4. That’s been a gentle unspoken truth about this series so far. She’s not someone I recognise from other work, but she hasn’t been great. In the shadow of giants I guess, when you’re being directly compared.
  5. Jack Quaid and Anthony Star are great follows on Twitter. They seem to be having a lot of fun making the show, I’m patient to wait.
  6. They did the cgi blue/purple sky beam trick on episode 5 and I’m still already disappointed we only have one more to enjoy.
  7. What year did you type that from?
  8. We live in a world where this is a legitimate conversation between adults. What a time to be alive, at the end of the day.
  9. God of mischief and all that. If there was ever a plan, it’s out the window. They’re able to adapt. The next real movie is almost guaranteed to feature Cap and Iron man because it just makes sense. So the Easter egg hunts hardly seem to matter.
  10. James Franco “So good” dot gif.
  11. Except that wandavision has recently been “patched” (yes, really, google it) to more strongly imply what they were originally going for with the ending sting.
  12. Am I right in thinking WandaVision was originally planned to be the last one before the Cinematic universe got going again? They started with the show stopper. Not the worst consequence of 2020.
  13. Not Films or TV, but the rights to Fur Fighters, the best game on the Deamcast and subsequently remastered for PS2 and smart phone releases lie in development hell right now. Give me that online petition.
  14. Update: this thread made me search YouTube for Studio 60 as a nostalgia burst, and sure enough Donald was referenced as a cynically implausible outcome to the political climate. Those that don’t learn from history and all that.
  15. Studio 60 got very Sorkin very fast, but you could see a 5 or 6 season arc play out toward the end when the writing was on the wall, and I wish it had a better chance to tell the story. Damn you Tina Fey!
  16. They referenced the dumb thing! I understood that reference! I might be in the mood to watch Black Widow tonight.
  17. I just rewatched Maverick last night for the first time in years.
  18. Drone Strike just wouldn’t have the same gameplay loop.
  19. The giant bomb guys used to be a staple go to for me each week, but through the dark Trump years a number of podcasts ended up slanting more entertainment than political and I fell away from being in regular touch with the site. What’s the state of things these days for a lapsed fan looking for an inroad?
  20. I love the Beatles, but one song isn’t the next and this was fun for what it tried for. You just need to be in the right mood, like many a song.
  21. It takes priority in terms of spending, but at a certain point it’s more money than sense. It’s bought and sitting there in the cloud when I get around to it, which tends to be never or for 20 minutes. With other forms of media it’s consumed as it’s approached.
  22. He’s the pop culture avatar of nihilism and there are a lot of people looking for that. It’ll either pay off eventually or end up being Harmon dealing with demons and coming out healthier on the other side, leaving a lot of people behind.
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