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  1. I dunno, I have a feeling this is one of the rare occasions where they're speaking through Cartman rather than Stan or Kyle.
  2. Gamespot has the most likeable staff by far. Their onthespot show is just a casual hour spent looking at a bunch of the latest games with a few off the cuff laughs. Other sites efforts feel scripted and cringeworthy.
  3. I never really used CQC, but I imagine the guy is clever enough to work out his prospects aren't too great once you blast his mate's brains out.
  4. Nice. They've essentially thrown down the gauntlet, saying "In one week we are going to show Mohammed unless you stop us." By approaching it this way, they've set the stage for a week of public debate about where the US truly stands on free speech. I'm surprised it hasn't hit the mainstream news yet, especaially with all the coverage the show has had recently.
  5. o/\o The price is pretty irrelevant these days.
  6. He's funding it, you can be sure of that.
  7. I just picked this up last week. Meh. Distracting enough for a few days but nothing too memorable. Certainly better than the only other PS2 FPS that I own. (Timesplitters. Bought it at launch)
  8. Yeah, to be fair it all works pretty well. But then i'm not sure i've ever heard a Russian person speak English outside the world of movies.
  9. Was just thinking this while watching Goldeneye last night. Weird to think that the girl who plays Natalya is actually Polish, Xenia is Dutch, Ourumov is German and Mishkin is Turkish. Not only having to act using their second language, but also throwing some silly ott Russian in there too. But it's Bond and that's part of the fun.
  10. Well, yeah. Probably my favourite 2D Zelda. Just ahead of MC.
  11. Link's Awakening was my first Zelda game. Bought it the year it came out, got stuck in the first dungeon. Didn't go near it again until after OoT changed my perception of videogames. All I had to do was push a block one space to the right, to make the same pattern as exibited elsewhere in the room. But it wasn't at all obvious (one of those flashy wall hugging bastards was zipping around as a distraction) especially if you've never played a Zelda game before. and are 8 years old
  12. We see their point. It's a stupid one to focus on. They should have been taking the piss out of Jimbo and co.
  13. Series 7 had some quality moments (Ace Vs Crocodile wielding Nazi's and "Lister of Smeg") but the lack of a studio audience and the fancy, movie-like filming method made it stand out too much from what went before. Also...there just weren't as many jokes. But Series 8 got things back on track I thought. It kept the importance 7 placed on a continuous story, but dropped all the cringe worthy, out of place character drama elements, going for more laughs instead. And Hollister was ace.
  14. Meh. Not funny. It's hard to enjoy an episode that's nearly as wrong on an issue as the smoking one, but even so, there just wasn't much to laugh at. Less fart jokes, more Cartman!
  15. Phew. Whatever price it ends up being, it would have been disagreeable to spend that much on top of a £300-£400 PS3 within the same month.
  16. It's a game as good as that guy who always gets the highscore in arcades.
  17. The only PS1 game I have that doesn't work on the PS2 is Metal Gear Solid: VR missions.
  18. KOTOR 1&2, though as with Halo I suppose the PC versions rule them out.
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Return_of_Chef Fantastic I had a feeling it was actually him (he did a Vader impression in an interview at some stage), but there were no credits on my version.
  20. I know, know this game would bore me to tears. If Morrowind is anything to go by I wouldn't last 15 minutes before dozing off. Yet this thread is tempting me to buy a 360.
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