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  1. It really wasn't. It's different, but if you accept if for what it is, there are plenty of laughs. With the reputation it has I was expecting something excruciating. Yeah, Lister is the polar opposite of Craig Charles and there are gags about baseball or whatever, but that's the whole point of adapting it in the first place.
  2. Chief O'Brien just said "fuck"! Edit: and now they've got General Hammond saying "shit"!
  3. That was the week she was killed.
  4. What new audience though? Kids today still grow up happily watching the original.
  5. Dick Van Dyke could be the old dude he played in the original, without the makeup this time! Bizarre thing to remake though.
  6. What's the point of a Wario Stadium without a soul crushing final jump!?
  7. I genuinely enjoyed the 70s version more. Watching it on TV today I was entertained for one reason or another the entire time. Whereas I was glancing at my watch before they even got to the island in the 05 version.
  8. It is in fact bullshit. I voted yesterday, then again this evening. er.. I mean..
  9. I guess we'll have to cope with the half-dozen other 24hr news channels. I don't see how they managed to get anyone watching. Sky news is there for "OMFG we r teh d000m3d" excitement, and News24 is there for real facts. There's no room for anything else.
  10. I forgot about that! Fantastic moment.
  11. I havn't watched this in years. It's starting to feel a bit...'90s'. But still ace!
  12. Yeah, i'm finding this more interesting than what it will inevitably become. Never would have thought to chisel off all traces of English from the plumbing.
  13. Christmas is a time for some Snowflake Mountain trophy races in DKR.
  14. Ebay just ensures smart people get machines for free and silly people pay crazy amounts. I wasn't smart enough this time around, but i'll be looking into pre-ordering a few PS3s this week!
  15. The computer in the GBA version was great. They all came to a virtual standstill just before the line on the last lap to trick you into thinking you were ace!
  16. Apparently my mate didn't order the two machines from gameplay last week.....he ordered them on Tuesday! Three days before launch! The cheeky cunt has put the premium on ebay; no doubt it'll end up paying for the core.
  17. The mixed reaction is a comfort in my weaker moments when I regret the decision to not spend over 300quid on a game i'm only mildly curious about.
  18. Yeah. I haven't been round to check he's not bullshitting me, but apparently he headed to ASDA first thing this morning to hunt for one, and discovered his account was £50 overdrawn. The 2 gameplay machines arrived when he got back, explaining where the money went.
  19. A mate of mine ordered a core and a premium from gameplay last week and both came this morning.
  20. I didn't want one and still don't, but looking at candid photos of machines sitting in peoples' houses makes me momentarily forget that fact.
  21. Mario64 was definetly at least £70 in a lot of places at first. But the price quickly fell when more than 3 games came out for the system. I havn't paid more than £35 for a game in about 6 years. I'm happy with that sort of price for good game.
  22. My launch machine gave up after 2 months and the replacement lasted a further year. So i'm on my third. Yet I still fully intend on getting a PS3 at launch. Madness.
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