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  1. The guy who plays Krum is 5 years older than her! I'm only 4 years older than her - i'm in!
  2. Did...did Ron say piss off? Quite enjoyed it on the whole*. For the first 20 minutes I was worried it'd be another clip show like the third film, but once they got to the school things settled down a bit. *Austin powers 3 has completely ruined that expression for me.
  3. They've done that with a few of these documentaries now. I assume it's just a handy way of cutting the length so it can be sold to other channels with ads.
  4. I could watch The Muppet Christmas Carol in July and get into the festive spirit.
  5. Despite not buying any games for my GBA other than those I bought with the system, and not playing it at all after the novelty wore off (I don't even know where it is these days) I think i'll go for a DS. The interweb just won't shut up about how ace it is.
  6. Chloë Anette is still on the documentary. The commentaries were pretty interesting; Chris Barrie was given licence to criticise the lack of laughs under the "i'm not in it" banner.
  7. Last nights was pretty good. Another episode focusing on Cartman's genocidal tendencies.
  8. The coke lorry ads havn't started yet. Christmas is still a week or 2 away.
  9. I'd rank 8 above 6, but nothing can touch 5.
  10. Yeah, the commentaries have been great. Should be interesting to see how the cast react to watching this one. I wonder how far they'll go in admitting it went a bit shit.
  11. American Dad has its moments if you keep a close eye on US politics/media. Throwaway lines like "Sweet Sean Hannity!" as an exclamation from the Dad get a smile from me. But it just doesn't compare to Family guy in terms of proper laughs.
  12. I had spoiled every aspect of the film before seeing it, so watching it in the cinema felt strangely like a repeat viewing. And yeah, pile of shit. Still bought the DVD of course.
  13. Loved the "Eh? What's that?" acting from the 2 randomers at the end today. Randomers walk round car. Close up of keys. Close up of randomers face adjusting to show recognition of the fact that there are keys. Close up of blood on car seat. Close up randomers eyes darting over to the blood. Zoom in on blood. Randomers heads bob up and down slightly for a few seconds. Zoom in on blood again. Randomers heads continue bobbing up and down. Class.
  14. Fantastic episode. I always love it when they roll with the whole naivety of youth idea.
  15. One of these days i'm going to rent the dvd, have a few drinks, and laugh like a loon.
  16. Hey, come on now...some of us shed a tear for Bruce there!
  17. *sigh* I guess i'm buying a DS then. I had myself convinced for a while that it wouldn't be worth it, as my GBA never got any use. But this is the last straw.
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