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  1. Qui-Gon was ace! When watching episode 1 for the first time I was shocked to see how stuffy and bureaucratic Jedi were. Qui-Gon was the only one that came close to what I expected. Dealing with Watto in the same world weary way that Ben dealt with Han in ANH. And betting with their only transportation on a hunch, with a 'trust me' smirk on his face.
  2. He looks like he hasn't slept in a month.
  3. I wouldn't joke about that...
  4. I assume from the wording of that Liam Neeson isn't back for a few lines afterall Oh well. The cam footage (I caved) shows there will be too much going on to worry about it. The file I downloaded skips a bit just as Yoda leaps to avoid the clonetroopers sneaking up behind him, having recieved order66. But I read somewhere he continues the leap back over them, cutting off their heads before he lands No matter how poor the dialogue, with scenes like that it'll be ok, honest!
  5. I thought Young Indy was pretty good
  6. Cam footage of the highlights vid shown at C3 is floating about. I'v already seen enough spoilers to know the movie inside and out, but i'm going to try and resist watching this. Save seeing it all in action for the big screen.
  7. Yes. See also: The Godfather trilogy
  8. He asked him last year at some point I think, though it was a much more relaxed setting and he just got a "Ho Ho, Jeremy you little rascal you" type response. Doubt Howard will be allowed to get away with that tactic again should it come up.
  9. The argument always turns into one about how shit they are though. There should be a "Top 100 greatest 'top 100 shows'" to get the best of both worlds.
  10. "I'm not going to Heck Butters, i'm not black. Alright?" Great episode.
  11. Forgot how much I loved this movie. In fact, I forgot pretty much everything about this movie. As a result I was mind fucked a second time, but with each new twist in the plot I remembered more from my first viewing, in some weird parallel to the story on screen But yeah, great.
  12. Not bad for an episode that essentially only has 2 'jokes'.
  13. I could see Willis pulling off another one, if the script is half decent. Nowhere near as ludicrous as Ford doing another Indy movie.
  14. The Butters scene was the first time South Park truely shocked me. You can kill Kenny every other episode, you can say shit 150+ times in 20minutes, but you do not lodge a ninja throwing star in innocent little Butter's eye. But then came the relief of seeing 2 fully functioning eyes in the next episode. Unless they're saving up some 'glass eye' reference/joke.
  15. She's all WOMAN. Look at her boobs!
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