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  1. The argument always turns into one about how shit they are though. There should be a "Top 100 greatest 'top 100 shows'" to get the best of both worlds.
  2. "I'm not going to Heck Butters, i'm not black. Alright?" Great episode.
  3. Forgot how much I loved this movie. In fact, I forgot pretty much everything about this movie. As a result I was mind fucked a second time, but with each new twist in the plot I remembered more from my first viewing, in some weird parallel to the story on screen But yeah, great.
  4. Not bad for an episode that essentially only has 2 'jokes'.
  5. I could see Willis pulling off another one, if the script is half decent. Nowhere near as ludicrous as Ford doing another Indy movie.
  6. The Butters scene was the first time South Park truely shocked me. You can kill Kenny every other episode, you can say shit 150+ times in 20minutes, but you do not lodge a ninja throwing star in innocent little Butter's eye. But then came the relief of seeing 2 fully functioning eyes in the next episode. Unless they're saving up some 'glass eye' reference/joke.
  7. She's all WOMAN. Look at her boobs!
  8. Since launch I think i've only ever bought Gamecube games online. Yesterday was the first time i'd been into Game looking for a GC title (resi4), and I ended up having to ask the guy behind the counter where they were displayed. 5 narrow shelves on one of those stands in the middle of the store - not even a wall space - facing the wall opposite the entrance, in the same reject area filled with educational PC titles. Hadn't realised the situation was that bad DS had a massive fuck off section, mind.
  9. Well that's a bit shit. Fair enough reason to quit though.
  10. Yup Those ads now irritate me marginally less than they did before.
  11. I don't think it actually exists. The stock level of everysingle highstreet store within a 20mile radius of my house, and every single game selling site on the net supports my theory.
  12. But, but...it's Solid FREAKIN' Snake who says that! Who are we mere consumers to ignore the words of a modern gaming legend.
  13. Nope, Ganondorf had it right - Bring back Hyrule! I went through the entire game expecting/dying to see the water drain away and have scenes of all the various inhabitants of the land suddenly finding themselves on mountaintops, looking down across ye olde Hyrule. But then that apparitional twat of a king showed up and started harping on about progress, moving on to a better future, 'won't someone please think of the children!11!' etc. Completely took away any motivation I had to finish off Ganon. /obligatory disclaimer about being aware of the fact that post is 1yr old
  14. I bought REmake the day it came out, my first Resi game. Explored around a dozen or so rooms and turned it off, never to be played again. For oh so many reasons. But from the looks of this thread all but one of those reasons (the fact that im a big baby when it comes to zombies and horror) no longer apply. And i'm scared I might just have to go out and buy this now
  15. makkuwata

    Spot Soong

    That MJ one is class
  16. Every now and again they seem make an episode with little actual content, just so that you can look back and say "Hey, remember the time when Cartman killed all the hippies?"
  17. Felt like watching a shit episode of Stargate, what with Maybourne and 'that alien who fancied Sam' having to scrape the bottom of the employment barrel.
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