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  1. Unless he gets cancelled Snyder will be remembered as a talented loud mouth. Michael Bay doesn’t belong in the same conversation.
  2. Of all the trivial “who gives a fucks” this is the most trivial within a week beside the BBC news website having a top bar link to articles concerning Philip.
  3. I don’t think the #ad was necessary, but they know how to press my buttons.
  4. Not her. But there was a lot of excitement and it seems like odd timing.
  5. Oh shit, the bond lady was the chess lady? I guess that tracks.
  6. At this point probably very few, but I suspect this is a career making role. He’s not the guy from the zombie nazi movie anymore.
  7. Friend of a friend has a leading role. So I guess this is happening.
  8. I appreciate the sting in the latest trailer. Avoid it if you’re super spoiler cautious, but we’re in on the joke.
  9. What’s the deal with 90’s sitcom sets?
  10. I love the anecdote of the very personal letter he wrote to Bryan Cranston after watching breaking bad.
  11. Wow, Katie McGrath is having fun with the final season. She's not even trying.
  12. They shot Jimmy Olsen in the face before the popcorn was half finished.
  13. He's what made TNG feel special, and was slightly embarrassing when he turned up in DS9 and Voyager.
  14. If eight year old me in '94 could see the image above of a zoom call between Patrick and a grey haired John, he'd have a lot of questions. But he'd want it.
  15. They're going to ruin the perfect series finale, ala Scrubs, but I'm still here for it.
  16. He signed on knowing he was an old man and they outlined a three season arc.
  17. It was a Queen of hearts, but really an Ace card. I'm as hyped by that as I was by the initial announcement of the show, and I only made it through about 3 episodes.
  18. Prometheus guy's take: If it wasn't for the fact that Margot Robbie confirmed there's a 20 hour QT cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood...this would be the best Hollywood event since the start of the pandemic. I wonder how much of the effects work was gifted by more time, disproportionate to the cost, or whether they released what was ready. That was impressive and fun and I have no complaints.
  19. Grant ate his vitamins during lockdown.
  20. They gave her a superhero name. If that isn't code for "I still own property in Vancouver and will be joining the Legends if they let it stick around" I don't know what is.
  21. But do you get to walk around the same dark template with a clever, unlocked escape route over and over and over and over? How many draguers does BOTW sport?
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