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  1. Without hacks there's a good deal of satisfaction in the journey with both. But if your're in a position to change a one to a zero. Um.
  2. That bear get's a stealth arrow in the knee no matter how many times I try to go melee.
  3. I opened MS paint 20 years ago, why would I do it again? @Delargey I can't fathom. I'd do literally anything. I studied biochemistry to a Master's level to figure out why. Sex sells. That's the punchline. The Cosmic joke.
  4. Yeah, but you watch E4 every night so don't even get the joke. I say with a degree of humility.
  5. That's a provocative title and I haven't read a word of this thread. But how dare you. I've bought it 5 times.
  6. I liked that bit, but then I watch the CW shows.
  7. They made Wonder Woman into a rapist. I'm fascinated to see where this goes.
  8. That's uh, That's an awkward WFH mirror conversation.
  9. So on Supergirl Alex borrowed a "portal watch" and Melissa is moving on to bigger things. Calling it.
  10. Yeah it's out there for real now. I'll pay later. Your fault.
  11. Supergirl beat Flash this morning on the site we all get this from. I wonder if that's significant.
  12. Does E4 genuinely still exist?
  13. i was self aware while typing, but the point stands.
  14. What is the demographic overlap between fans of this show, and people who watch E4. I almost had a mental break reading those characters and placing them in a time in my life.
  15. If he doesn't I blame you. This is n Alien 3 Smithee situation, The greatest working director alive.
  16. If you search this forum for "Fur Fighters" I guarantee you'll only find me making the same point over and over. Play Fur Fighters.
  17. Steve McQueef raises a very good point regarding the relative narrative structure. Lets either explore that further, or watch Hayden beat this shit out of Obi1.
  18. Everyone has a Vader, everyone has a Walken. But you milk that teat dry.
  19. I sympathise with that, but Christensen deserves a "good writing" Disney redemption arc. He's been a good sport about it over the years. Let him let loose against Ewan.
  20. I'll support it when I can, but YouTube and twitter has seen it already, so I'm going hunting before I read who wins. They'll team up to fight mechagodzilla, but I need to see that not knowing for certain.
  21. Two questions in order. 1) Can I pay for this and watch it at home today. 2) Is it out there.
  22. Clark Kent had an open casket funeral. Perry always knew, that's clear, but I want sequel's just to see how they write their way out of that one.
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