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  1. I'll support it when I can, but YouTube and twitter has seen it already, so I'm going hunting before I read who wins. They'll team up to fight mechagodzilla, but I need to see that not knowing for certain.
  2. Two questions in order. 1) Can I pay for this and watch it at home today. 2) Is it out there.
  3. Clark Kent had an open casket funeral. Perry always knew, that's clear, but I want sequel's just to see how they write their way out of that one.
  4. Ha, I had that exact thought primed. One of the most incongruous twitter follows out there.
  5. As above. "Or is it?" They're definitely guilty of throwing a lot out there and seeing what sticks. Heck, we'll probably end up with a Snyder sequel and him directing a Marvel movie or two by the end of all of this.
  6. Darwinian natural selection has dictated that this is the best nose.
  7. Remember when Shenmue was sold on its’ 100 person team? In fairness I was awed by the fact that I could open and explore every drawer in the house, and now that’s standard practice, but it doesn’t really need to be.
  8. The chin line? There’s one set of genetics in the world that gives that furrowed brow. They’re the same person.
  9. Games like Super Mario Bros 3 defined people's lives and were helmed by a team of 10 or so. There's still room for that.
  10. I tried LSD, once, and got a little bit of the colours melting vibe, but through the eyes of Roger it was more of a trip.
  11. Maybe, but don’t get attached. It’s always that kind of show.
  12. He looks fine, but it's weird how the CW version looks better. Maybe they'll take another pass at him.
  13. Yeah never mind what I said before, Margot Robbie serves a specific purpose and it's welcome for as long as she hangs around.
  14. They got me. I was onboard after a slow start and they snatched it away. Bastards.
  15. One of the big three will be dead before the title card, my money’s on Harley.
  16. Wow that's a gut punch. Someone you don't realise you miss until they're gone.
  18. The time between Goldeneye being released and those cheat codes being revealed was probably trivial. But there was a time and place in this world where the only way to get anything done was by accomplishing the unlock goals or using an action replay, and it felt like an eternity. When those codes came out...the moment had almost passed.
  19. I didn't really understand it until back in the day when I got a PC capable of handling WOW with all the bells and whistles. I can understand someone living in ignorance, I can't accept deKay is living in ignorance.
  20. Plus that weird Norwegian song.
  21. I love it, I'm fully on board. In the same way I enjoy how "the glasses rule" is applied to Clark and Kara on TV...Snyder has broken me. This is its' own thing. MacGuffin is a dirty word.
  22. I have ready access to all those games in a superior format six ways from Sunday. I just want to reach over and grab the Switch and wonder where Darunia is hiding.
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