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  1. If you can't close your eyes and collect all 120 stars in your minds eye what are you even doing with your life.
  2. I just caught it this time around. Leto is doing the bad guy from True Lies! No wait, Last Action Hero. Bless him, he's trying.
  3. Nintendo is doomed is going on a quarter century at this point, I'm just going to stand in line.
  4. If the only newly shot footage encompassed the final few scenes, it at least left me on the positive note that Affleck is taking care of himself. He didn't fill out the cowl prop, and the final smile felt genuine.
  5. If there’s a 1% chance... Wooo!! Let’s keep this going.
  6. The first Merc was relevant to the story, it sort of piled on the joke of his super power being money in a 4th or 5th degree sort of way. I almost think with the fact that the second placement was wonder Woman [presumably borrowing one of Bruce's cars] pulling up to camera with the logo in our face.... There was a calculation there. It was a swallow your medicine moment. I can forgive it.
  7. There's room for that story to be told. But just make the right one first.
  8. Yeah, I'll buy a third Switch. I'm better accepting that now rather than wrestling with it for the next while.
  9. #And everybody knows that it's now or never...sad music plays and we all lost.
  10. Things I wouldn't expect to reply with a week ago: Good?
  11. Before I fully understood Whedon was a[n alleged] sex pest and just generally not a great guy, I sympathised with his burnout on Ultron. He quit making them due to studio interference. But this unique circumstance called for a billion dollar superhero movie director with a history of complying to studio demands and....
  12. That's entirely fair. I don't like Snyder's use of the characters, but when he does action it doesn't bother me in the same way a Michael Bay movie would. I haven't watched a Bay movie in well over a decade, but he's more...lurid. Snyder just seems to be having fun. Sometimes I can have fun with him, sometimes I want to scream.
  13. NowTV have a free 7 day trial with any old email address, just remember to cancel.
  14. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed this. It’s a unique set of circumstances that led here, but for its time and place for what we got... I expected to be ripping into it, but it was pretty good and I’d like to see more!
  15. Can't be too sad. We'd all be so lucky. Just robbed of him choosing retirement over that voice for the past two decades. James Allen got on at one of the final stops from Nice to Monaco one year and sat down directly across from us and I vividly remember thinking "You're not Murray". Not to shame, just a moment of grieving reflection.
  16. First and finale of Supergirl S2 if you're not caught up that far, but yeah. Before that you watch the Elseworlds crossover - a google away and a good time. It introduces Lois. Tho there've been some complicated "comic books" reasons for this maybe not lining up with that exact continuity.
  17. Just caught up. This one is good, huh? It still has that shine that we'll probably reflect back on in 20 years and feel naïve about. But it's trying something interesting that feels different from the other CW shows - which I would never address in the guilty pleasures thread. Edit: Also, is that the Universal backlot? Is that Hill-Valley? I thought It was VC.
  18. I follow him on Twitter. He’s so great with fans. That’s awful. edit: watched that highlight clip. There goes the next 200 or so hours of my life. Pour one out for a few others I’d forgotten had passed. RDA probably doesn’t need it, but he should work more.
  19. I caught it. There are layers. People’s opinions about this stuff are very, very important. Wait, seriously tho...is that.you?
  20. You started it. Or I did. Batmobiles [V] Star Wars eras. A thread for grown adults who largely grew up in the shadow of both.
  21. Phantom Menace is the best one, and they’re all worth an ironic rewatch while always keeping in mind “what was he thinking?”
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