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  1. Don't worry, we all have an Imax set up in the living room during this global pandemic. He gets it.
  2. This is the right answer actually It was two toys in one!
  3. I thought Snyder's [first] take was one of the few redeeming features of that movie. Assuming all the guns shoot naptime bullets and the tow cable is used for purposes other than trailing a car to serve as a grenade to take out another car.
  4. I'm just the messenger. Well played to all involved.
  5. I have to catch the bus into town to collect a new keyboard, am I going to sub to Disney+ for the ride back? The apps already downloaded.
  6. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard a Londoner mispronounce “Inventory” I’d have a about a fiver.
  7. This forum is full of insider folks, and thirsty journalists. But my order is still active. Excuse me, "Journalists"
  8. At some point or other along the way we wouldn't have had the Arkham games without Millar, and we all collectively wouldn't be The Batman. He probably deserved better.
  9. Edinbruh, wait that's half correct. They do it the other way.
  10. I've already accounted for the punch in the bank account.
  11. I bought a lite. I'll buy this. They have me by the balls.
  12. I'm definitely of the impression that Agatha turned up after the fact and took her time putting the dungeon trap in place. But expectations are tempered.
  13. The moment where Clark has to duck out of the BBQ and gives the kids a knowing look with Jordan having a shit eating grin on his face justifies the show.
  14. A bullet. In one of those automated guns that caught him off guard. World's greatest detective. God I loved Batfleck tho.
  15. If there's even a one percent chance he's our enemy, we need to treat it like an absolute certainty. He has a premonition of a grimdark future where Superman wipes everyone out. He decides to kill him. Changes his mind for LOL reasons. He buries him after he dies anyway. "I need to form the Justice League, I just have this weird feeling" Walks away from funeral. I can't wait for this.
  16. That second Kryptonite grenade...
  17. We're back! Fascinating to watch the socially distanced framing.
  18. I'm only 15 minutes into this weeks ep, but the production value is still on point, and I'm loving all the domestic "Yeah, I'm Superman, NBD" moments.
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