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  1. Got my ticket booked for 26 Aug on a Cineworld superscreen. Went to the cinema tonight and felt ok there. Mask and glasses do not work well together, so I'll wear my contacts next time.
  2. The Empire Strikes Back Went to my local Cineworld to watch this as my first visit back to the cinema. Haven't seen Empire on the big screen for so long. Probably not since the "Special" Editions came out. Still an amazing film and the best of the updates (I love the improved Wampa). There's things I never really noticed before too, like how terrified Chewie gets when they go into the asteroid belt. 5 Force chokes / 5
  3. https://www.comedy.co.uk/live/news/5886/new-alan-partridge-live-stage-tour/
  4. I've not had any inclination to revisit this after seeing it in the cinema the first time. There's a whole lot of "that doesn't make any sense"; too much, in fact. I couldn't see how Gotham would be left to turn into some Escape From New York hellhole.
  5. You're Welcome is super-catchy. I still hum it to myself in the shower. I love that he's actually just telling you what he's going to do but you're so into the song, you don't realise.
  6. They need to make the "Airwolf Vs Blue Thunder" film I always wanted.
  7. Lilly Wachowski talking about how The Matrix was a trans allegory. Also, she talks about how Switch was meant to be a man in the real world and a woman in The Matrix. I'd not thought about the film in this light, but on reflection it makes a lot of sense with the representations of power and systematic control. https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-matrix-was-intended-to-be-a-trans-story-says-lilly-1844611323
  8. There's a whole Twitter feed dedicated to that fact.
  9. I'll never forget his turn as an action hero in Hard Target.
  10. https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/alfred-hitchcock-s-rope-and-the-illusion-of-the-uninterrupted-take/
  11. Playing in finals is great, but losing them isn't. How many fans were gleefully calling us "bottlers"? Or wondering if we would ever with a trophy at all under Klopp? I didn't think you were talking about winning things though, just about the feeling having won the League after so long. There is no argument that we've had some amazing days out and trophy wins, which most clubs can only dream of.
  12. I think every fan would enjoy winning things if they were winning things regularly like Man U were a few years ago (and Liverpool before them). Having that kind of sustained success brings an expectation, even assumption, of winning things in the future. But that future, as Liverpool found out, doesn't necessarily pan out. I don't think Chelsea had that sustained period of dominance to bring that expectation of winning major honours every year. Even Man City are only just beginning that period. Whether they can do it over 10+ years and be as dominant as Liverpool or Man U remains to be seen. Winning the League this season came as a relief, I think, because it had been so long and we have had a few very painful near misses, plus the possiblity of the whole season being cancelled earlier (I realise it was unlikely, but the fact that it was being discussed was worrying to me, at least). We have certainly enjoyed the season immensely having watched some fantastic football. But we've had that before and not won the prize we've wanted for years.
  13. Looking forward to the new season of MOTD all of a sudden. Especially the opening credits.
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