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  1. The Other One is only a single series of seven episodes but funny and heart-warming. It's about two mismatched half-sisters.
  2. Thought that was a very good documentary tonight. I did enjoy how Atkinson still liked to play Bean. Often you'll get creators of iconic characters that get sick of playing them. An "Old Bean" special would be worth watching.
  3. It's definitely some alternate universe. Except Amanda has wandered in from our world.
  4. This was fantastic. Someone got a screenshot of Johnny's message.
  5. "Punch it, Bishop!" https://youtu.be/qOoTnifwn2I The whole escape theme is immense but when the iconic bit at 2:19 kicks in... Ooft.
  6. Deliverance Cabin Fever The Cabin in the Woods If you've not seen these.
  7. I love the music transition at 2:09 in this sequence in MI:2. https://youtu.be/O3P0SMpqK-8
  8. Me and my GF just did a binge watch of S1 and S2. She's not a Star Wars fan at all but really enjoyed this. We're just in the middle of watching Justified and both squee'ed at the Marshall. I read through the whole thread last night and was surprised by the reactions to the music early on. I really liked Göransson's work on Venom and Tenet, and got into the music here very quickly. I think his work does take a couple of listens to worm its way into your brain. I know it did me. This was the most Star Warsy thing I've seen in ages. I saw that some episodes were not as po
  9. Don't forget to watch the post-credits sequences that often add more MCU goodness.
  10. Yes! I always wanted to do this topic but wasn't sure if "stings" was the right word. My all-time favourites are: The Dark Knight - during the prologue bank robbery, when the Joker removes his mask. Planet of the Apes - when Taylor is getting chased and gets trapped in a net and yells out the damn dirty ape line. Blade Runner 2049 - more a sound effect than a musical string, the transition from the embers of the fire back into the LA skyscape.
  11. It was a bit all over the place. It was strange to hear...
  12. This review actually works remarkably well for Class of 1999.
  13. Not as good as the two last Christmas, but still a charming and funny show. It's good to see something on TV without any kind of edge at all. Also, a wonderful love letter to the British countryside.
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