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  1. My Bench Boost got me a mahoosive 3 extra points.
  2. It's definitely one that doesn't explain everything and does improve more with more watches. There are some great explainer videos on the Primer thread, if you're interested.
  3. I would genuinely watch "Train to Houston" with cowboys and zombies.
  4. It's subtle and been growing on me a lot since I've been binging the series. Banshee is great too with the photos changing over the season.
  5. I was just thinking about this one. Thank you for finding it!
  6. Demolition Man (ITV3) We were flicking through the channels last night and this was about to start. I love the opening explosion, so said to the GF that I'll just watch that bit. Ended up watching the whole thing. Still tremendous fun. I always found the production design, sets and music elevated this. Snipes is great, chewing the scenery, as Simon Phoenix. Sandra Bullock still as sweet and lovely as ever. This is up there with my favourite Stallone movies. Also, so many Dutch Angles! 4.5 seashells / 5
  7. I watched it again last night with my GF, who'd never seen it before. She enjoyed it a lot. Is Zachary Lamb the pilot of the helicopter in the opening sequence? I never noticed that until last night. Whatever happened to Marco Brambilla? This seemed like a critical and commercial success, but I can't recall anything he's done since.
  8. News of the World (Netflix) Tom Hanks stars as a southern Civil War veteran who makes a living reading newspapers to packed audiences five years after the war ended. On his travels, he finds an abandoned girl, played by newcomer Helena Zengel, who was taken from her family at an early age by a native American tribe and raised as one of them. The girl, JoHanna, was being taken to her aunt and uncle (her only remaining living relatives) when her protector was attacked, leaving her abandoned. On their journey, the pair find themselves at the mercy of the remnants of the wild West
  9. Was Cap pretending to not be able to lift the hammer? I took that as being he was nearly worthy, rather than he could have lifted it but was sparing Thor's blushes.
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