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  1. S Goldfinger The Spy Who Loved Me Licence to Kill The Living Daylights A For Your Eyes Only Goldeneye Live and Let Die From Russia With Love B Octopussy Moonraker Casino Royale OHMSS Diamonds Are Forever Dr No You Only Live Twice The Man With The Golden Gun C Tomorrow Never Dies Thunderball No Time To Die D Skyfall Die Another Day The World Is Not Enough A View To A Kill E Spectre Quantum of Solace Context: I grew up with Moore films, thought that Brosnan was a fantastic Bond, let down by mostly poor films, and, whilst I never warmed to Daniel Craig as Bond, he was similarly let down by his films.
  2. Same with James Cameron and Aliens. He released the Special Edition for fans but said he had final cut on the theatrical version.
  3. Dune A definite cinema experience. Different from the Lynch film but with enough links so I didn't get lost in the story. Visually and aurally sumptuous. There were a few moments where the audio mix left me wondering what was being said though. The sense of scale is immense. 4.5 sand worms / 5
  4. There's a whole range of Tomy Pocketeers to mine too.
  5. Not too big. Solksjaer deserves a chance to continue.
  6. Just finished this last night in two sittings. Enjoyed it immensely.
  7. No Time To Die Not been a fan of Daniel Craig as Bond or most of his Bond films. This is better than the others, but still didn't really feel like a Bond film. Ana de Armas is the best part. 3/5
  8. Excellent. Also, question. Is this about the film Halloween, the film series Halloween, Halloween films or any films?
  9. This is essentially the plot of the latest Johnny English film.
  10. He's got a foot like a traction engine!
  11. That Shining trailer feels very modern compared with the others, plus that's it's very spoilery.
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