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  1. That is a song isn't it!? Same old Arsenal. Always cancelling games.
  2. That is catchy enough to sing to sing at Arsenal fans.
  3. What is most amazing about Chelsea is Tuchel moaning like a little bitch about injuries and the schedule. Buddy, Chelsea spent all the money. You don't hear half as much complaining from other teams. They just cancel their games instead.
  4. Fair play to Rafa. He has shown his love for LFC by screwing Everton. Has he made them an even smaller club?!
  5. That was really damn good. It felt emotional too! So many clever little points and side switching, redemption and some crazy ass people too. Fantastic last episode, I think I'll watch it again!
  6. That is awful. What a haircut.
  7. Bad Good Finally I had a feeling about us seeing Luke in Mando. This time it is being set up for...
  8. At least they can concentrate on getting relegated.
  9. Ole was a great manager it seems! Who knew?
  10. I've tried to watch the first two episodes of this and it seems dull. Is it a slow burner/does it get more interesting/am I going to care about these people.
  11. I've seen every series except S1 and have not finished this years - I now have a toddler that totally eats up evenings. It's great, and the change of judges was actually refreshing. It added a new zip to it, instead of the same old old men doing their thing.
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