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  1. Ohh I didn't realise that. I went with very because I didn't really want a new credit on my report. I have an awesome credit rating. Hmmm.
  2. What a guy. If he had invented the C5 now it would be all over Instagram influencers in London and Cali. RIP you crazy genius. May your funeral be a colour clashing multi-load affair.
  3. Recommendations please! (Is there anything like an updated 'starter' thread/post per console?) I'm hoping the X I ordered from Very will arrive next week, it has 3 months of ultimate. What should I be looking at playing? Some Halo I guess, does anything else stand out?
  4. I am not saying that, in pointing out it's a fact that appears to be true in this case. I never gave it a chance to spend what, 15 hours amazing at a young boy being bullied? I guess I'm too sensitive. I didn't use Godwin's law, I highlighted how it had been used already. Something isn't bad because the other thing is worse.
  5. (Best PS4 game) As noted it feels less fluid and intuitive than the earlier iterations. Yeah, you must not have kids. I guess you think being horrible to a child is okay 'bcos it's not as bad as killing'. Don't tell me Sadam was a bit better than Hitler so, you know, that. Good way to balance things buddy.
  6. Thanks! I think for me it's only a saving of £15 and I don't want to add anything credit wise on! I am going to stick with Very for now and pay up front
  7. Question for anyone if they know about VERY. My orders are on the Website, I don't have a confirmation email as of yet...is there a chance of it being cancelled? My cards have been charged I believe! The delivery date says by 30th September, does anyone have experience of Very and might it come much sooner?
  8. The difference is if I watch a movie I'm done within 2 hours. Google tells me the main story is completed on average in around 21 hours. That's about a season of Jack Bauer popping eye balls, but always trying to save the family/planet/something. This is a constant tirade of awfulness. Furthermore I'm controlling this character, it's not like passive media. 21 hours! Imagine a manager hazing his staff over an entire week of work. Come Friday afternoon - "Hey it wasn't meant like that guys! I was proving a point! Pizza?"
  9. Any link? I tried again 2 hours ago and now and saw nowt.
  10. I couldn't continue with it. I'm surprised people did. Would it be acceptable if he'd beat on the kid too? Or is the mental trauma just about acceptable to get away with.
  11. Game were due to have some today, not heard a peep mind.
  12. I just got one at Very also. I didn't get an alert until a few minutes ago! I have ALSO bought my brother a PS5 today, he's paying me back of course.
  13. I want an Xbox but if I could get a cheeky digital PS5 then why not!
  14. You know what you're going to get with Burnley
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