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  1. Is this a bit like Monopoly?
  2. If it's in the game...get the fuck out of my office.
  3. I already looked, what the confusion was = "Always worse after Thursday" and I got a Saturday that was better on Thursday.
  4. 2 questions. 1: stalk market Do I just get random? I had a continual down spiral then a sudden spike today in the pm. Previously I had it low then it jumped up on a Saturday morning which I thought wasn't possible? I thought even random was worse after Thursday? 2: how do I buy more pumpkins, they seem like a good way to make money? I got some early on, I can't recall who from now
  5. Is anyone using this still? Seems that a lot of people were/are. https://www.pcgamer.com/one-of-the-best-pc-streaming-services-is-filing-for-bankruptcy/
  6. Liverpool can't defend very well. Thing is they put out a team without their most expensive centre back, and their other centre back, and their other centre back, and played a midfielder and a kid at centre back. Which is why they can't defend very well. Aging Milner did a boo boo, what else can you expect? Klopp won't be too worried about this, it clears the schedule up.
  7. What a couple of subs by Klopp. This is him saying the game is over. He does NOT want extra time. It's pretty ballsy that, giving up the game so clearly.
  8. Liverpool have turned into the Tory Government. They can't defend for shit against Marcus Rashford.
  9. Wipes out someone who's falling over and looking for it. His 'shot' is already skyward. When a forward shoots, misses, and is then taken out by a defender it is never a penalty. Here it seems different. Firmino should be dropped for a bit, and Klopp has to shake things up.
  10. Remarkable. Clearly not a penalty, a dive and a fall after the ball had gone. Teams like Burnley are not about football. They are anti football busy bodies. Why bother to play when another team don't want to.
  11. Does anyone have a bread maker/do you use it much? I'm considering buying one, ideally one that's easy to use and not too big and it would be good to get any recommends.
  12. Good to see Big Sam working his magic once again.
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