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  1. This may never have been said before, but surely it's a game of two halves.
  2. In other news the pad is awesome. I paired it to my phone and played no man's sky on game pass as a test! It was super.
  3. Yeah what else can they do? Your car is easy to keep going with petrol but when it needs a service it's all day! Fucking shit the bed all cars are shit, the people who make them are monsters!
  4. A bit late to the party, but we all know about his ladies.
  5. The Dreamcast pad was like a big Gregg's pasty and people ain't wanting that. It also had a stupid swirl that meant nothing except drugs in the 90's! Sega lost their marketing skills, and Sonic is now whored out around the planet.
  6. Do or do not. There is no third option.
  7. You do realise that in 20 years football will be too dangerous and so it will only be played on the Xbox FORCEFACE console? 10 years after that it is banned due to current eSports players hands becoming claws which was passed onto their children. The only thing that remains is punditry and Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are pushed on to TV in their floating wheelchairs to talk about football games. Discussing who COULD win. All games are decided thus, which continues for 12 long years, until it becomes clear talking too much about football gives mouth, eye, and knee cancer. All that's left is to start playing football again, except it is now played by robots who also immediately resolve VAR issues. Fans are allowed in, but 17 years after that it is discovered going to robot football matches turns you into a drunk and finally, finally, the robots realise humans are the problem and remove them all. Back of the skynet, as they say.
  8. Say someone hacked your account. This is pretty bad.
  9. How dare you! Levy is amazing, look what he has done for Spurs! He got Bale back for a bit and built a new stadium. They also won a League cup once.
  10. Its lucky for Spurs when the year ends in one. Kane is on his way and Arsenal have done them up the bum. Etc
  11. Interesting. So I could use the pad for mobile/gamepass also. I tried a Nintendo pro controller on my phone yesterday and it's unusable. Awful lag time. Its a known thing (unknown to me until I tried it and googled it though)
  12. Ole Ole moaning despite some ridiculous talent, the ref, and a packed stadium. Liverpool cannot defend when they need to. Nothing changes in football does it.
  13. I do love how all the early predictions of how good Chelsea are now, results in them not even having a shot on target in maybe their biggest home game of the season. Bottling it already?
  14. Or, one of their games. Near enough. Take the old SNES games and sell them to the moon.
  15. Not having had a lot of time I queued up plenty of downloads for stuff to play. I am now on 90.4% full, 77.3gb left
  16. Nintendo are remastering an old game. Wonders will never cease!
  17. What is this edge and chromium and stadia on Xbox? Does this beast have no limits?
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