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  1. I see what you mean by too many combos! I don't have Bast (I'll buy as soon as I do) but this was an incredibly funny win! I managed to play Negative on turn 3 on the left. I soon followed with Beast who pulled him back into my deck and also the two raptors. Useful for building power for Bishop. My opponent has also dropped Mr Negative which is troubling, but I keep going... A combo of Kitty, Taskmaster, Iron Man and then the raptors - leaves only Mr Negative in my hand. He drops Morph and it can only pick Mr Negative! You know what they say. Two negatives make it right. He retreated before the turn had ended! 🤣
  2. Can you post your deck again please, I'm willing to steal and repeat!
  3. I've immediately bought the season pass and finished the "move cards" mission (I have a move deck for such an occasion). I might skip token Tuesday. With 6600 tokens and only 1710 gold, I feel I want to keep the gold for fun variants.
  4. If Kane goes to Real, Shearer will be over the moon! Haaland won't be at City for long either. Why play in bloody Manchester when he could be in Spain!
  5. Thanks! I bought him! Leaves me with 6k tokens and token Tuesday tomorrow so I'm still in good shape.
  6. Question. I want Knull he's 3k tokens. I have 9300 so can afford it buttttt. Will he be cheaper or free if I pin him? (When the season rolls over)
  7. These are highlights, I popped to 55ish and am around 54 now. I've been playing less and holding missions in reserve to turn in as soon as the new season/week starts.
  8. Imagine doubling your Iron Man and hitting 150 points across the board only to be absolutely smashed for 8 cubes.
  9. The above deck wins again! I sacrificed Watu earlier to clear that lane, he'd told me what was on the right and I felt I couldnt make use of it with my draws. Imagine pulling a Knull out at 96 and still losing, yeahhh 😎
  10. With today's location I switched to a new deck that gives a lot of options. I've won a whole lot and got from about 44 to 50 very quickly.
  11. Has Peter Schmeical turned up to present in a suit and white trainers? No class.
  12. Or is it a Gerrard-esque prophecy.
  13. A huge derby game? Disappointing. One of the most forgettable cup finals ever, as City grind it out and United don't find their spirit until it's too late.
  14. Jack Grealish has certainly smashed those fingers into all sorts of places.
  15. Imagine as a Man United fan travelling all the way to Wembley, to basically lose in the first minute - then you have to get all the way back to Kent.
  16. If you consider people buy a round for £30 and repeat several times a night, potentially for 2-3 nights a week - it's incredible value.
  17. If I had the choice between the amazing looking, tall, imposing ex girlfriend and the less hot but cute tiny little ex - I'm smashing that Series S over the bigger model all day long. It's not always about the resolution.
  18. This game though. I had something like an 8/10 winning streak then something like a 8/10 losing streak! Who was it who got to 70+? I want to steal the good decks!
  19. I used to try that. Thing is, it is so hard to get I spent ages retreating because they just didn't drop. I prefer games now that are fun + gives me flexibility. Another example from today. Turn 5 of 7 and Cosmo drops before Black Panther so the Wankandan only gets 4. Turn 6 and Doom is the call, because I reckon I can drop him then Ultron. Opponent goes with Spidey to try and lock down the location my side. But he's basically only pushed 3 points on the board. Turn 7 and I go with Ultron, quite confident he can't beat him on the left while beating me on the right. Not to mention the middle. Oppo retreats. Flexibility and different options make the game more fun. Waiting for one particular set of cards to drop is boring.
  20. A great round up on Football Weekly by Bazza regarding Jose. Reminds one what an utter cunt he often is. Mourinho, not Glendenning.
  21. Just racked up another few wins with Ultron. I think it helps I'm playing against people who are making bad moves, but the 20/20 "Win locations with 4 cards" is now complete.
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