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  1. It would be a real shame if he ended up at City in a merry-go-round of players where he can't ever really break out. Having said that, who knows what happens to City when Pep leaves? Who do you get in. Secretly hoping for Moyes.
  2. You'll be going loco, down to Mo Sissoko.
  3. Nah he won't go in all mean eyed and serious, pretending to be the hard man, then leave crying like a little boy.
  4. Impressive. I feel sorry for Origi. A bit of a legend, a great finisher and probably a nice guy. In 20 years he will be back at the club on an interim manager basis and screw it up.
  5. Chelsea smashed but Liverpool are going to bottle it! Man City walking to the title.
  6. Wonder if De Gea will be chipping off about people not being fit enough now, or maybe blaming the medical staff.
  7. Can you someone make Skyrim a religion and then pivot on them recognising it, to the point that it has to be made available to schools? Kids be practicing their dragon shouts. First aid - Arrow in the knee class. Alchemy as standard.
  8. Having said that the menu system is much better than Skyrim which is utter toilet. Far more visual and despite it being made for the PC it works decently enough on console.
  9. I've been playing Oblivion on the series X tonight, through cloud! So it's already available, switch not needed.
  10. Mirroring the manager, perhaps?
  11. I guess it's going to save them some admin when they are back in the Championship?
  12. Also having looked at both goals and my own super poor footballing history - hitting even somewhat horizontally across the ball generates more power. Which is only really possible when the ball is off the ground. It's how the human body is built. You get a much better whip by kicking around and through rather than straight on. The force applied is higher due to the weight you put behind it, your hip rotation is powering such a strike far more than if you were to lace it standing over a ball on the ground. I once hit a volley with such a kicking motion and the ball absolutely beasted into the net. I was surprised. I the realised that technique, hitting the ball higher and arcing your leg out, gave me a whole lot of unexpected power. It was also from a bouncing ball that was slow, so it took my by surprise. (I couldn't have hit anything coming toward me quickly!). If you look at Gerrard's goal he really gets the hell round and across the ball and he's smashed through it. Thiago's doesn't need as much visible power because he's got momentum forward, across with the whip of his foot, and the bounce up from the half volley.
  13. Thiago's strike seems straightforward enough. The ball is moving towards him and he trots onto the ball. His forward momentum and his strike creates a lot of force and the initial force of the ball coming towards him transfers the energy back into the ball. Gerrard's 2006 FA Cup final goal was almost a little similar. Sure it wasn't a half volley, but it was moving toward him, he ran onto it, and used his momentum. He wasn't quite as directly onto that one but consider that the ball was dropping as he hit it. That's additional force, and he took it and transferred it right back through the strike. It's easy enough to see this ourselves. If you have kicked a ball back from where it came from or from a free kick/dead ball? You know which generates more power.
  14. Pluto TV! Wonderful. No idea what it was, popped it up on my browser and was immediately thrown into a Baywatch episode where Bleeth, Anderson and the skinny one were in a Charlie's angels fantasy. Classy stuff.
  15. Sancho is a crime. People are feeling sorry for Ole, and he's held back one of England's brightest young stars. Whacking Ronaldo in ahead of him shows invertebrate qualities rarely seen in a manager of a big club.
  16. Fucking hell. The episode started with the 'lads' talking about Sky Glass. I let it slide. Halfway through Fearne Cotton then comes on. Talking about Sky Glass. Don't be moaning about the corrupt Newcastle monies when you're taking the Sky pound. I'm done. Fearne Cotton. Jeez.
  17. Jeez I'm close to dropping the Football Ramble podcast with the amount of shit adverts they are slogging out now.
  18. Hamus

    The Man Utd Thread

    It's been great for the other teams.
  19. Hamus

    The Man Utd Thread

    The impression I get with JW is that he's one of those people who finds fault in everything, joy in little, and that's the easiest thing to do.
  20. And city still managed to break it.
  21. Man City have already broken FFP at least once, including when they bought Aguero. They have built their "history" on cheating - that's football now though. You accept it or not.
  22. It's always how it felt though isn't it. We all knew he wouldn't work out. In three years the only thing he has improved is his bank balance.
  23. I apologise. He is just a very bad manager.
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