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  1. On 03/05/2018 at 15:19, mushashi said:

    If anybody wants this on the Nintendo Switch, you've got less than 2 days to put your money where your mouth is, the only stretch goal is the top request they've received, a port to the Nintendo Switch. They've budgeted $200K for it.



  2. I gave this a download and thought I'd roll into it and bang out some easy laps and OH MY GOD I AM STEERING LIKE A DRUNK.


    I'm rubbish at such games, yet I'm finding challenge in getting around and getting better.


    Any tips or advice?


    Finally I'm wondering if you could get this kind of viewpoint and mechanics to work for Moto GP. Taking that original Xbox masterpiece and doing it like this. Including ragdolling characters falling off bikes.



  3. 4 hours ago, Nick R said:

    With KZ's system, you press right+Square to get "L", up+Triangle to get "A", then down-right+Square to get "P". Three separate actions to get three different letters. No repeated tapping to move the cursor required!



  4. 1 hour ago, Dudley said:


    I've never understood the love for Galaxy. They looked at the gorgeous expansive worlds of Mario 64 and thought "What about we take these but make them tiny balls and then rig the camera so you can see fuck all and then shoe horn in some motion controls you don't want.


    The motion controls are rubbish for sure - but some of the level design is so so tight.

    Perhaps people want fan service, but the way Galaxy plays with a proper 3D space and makes it easy to navigate is absolute genius.


    It was also a really smart use of less powerful hardware.


    Technically and from a design standpoint it's immense.

  5. On 11/10/2021 at 22:01, Dudley said:

    Yeah there's nothing super special about how Forza H 4 runs on a Series.


    But you'll be able to find that out REALLY FUCKING QUICKLY.


    I still can't believe that you can switch from another game to this and be driving in about 5 seconds. It really feels next gen.

  6. Lies and deception

    Clear human rights violations

    No real interest in the club itself

    The fans used as a means to an end


    ...but enough about Mike Ashley, check out all that money the Toon are getting!

  7. 43 minutes ago, Hewson said:

    The depressing thing is that at least they have invested in proper journalism and journalists, and even then it’s hard to make it pay.


    Eurogamer then?


    3 minutes ago, Nate Dogg III said:

    Convincing people to pay is another matter, of course, but is there a media audience on the planet more accustomed to and accepting of subscriptions and micropayments than people who like videogames? 


    There is not, but then you have to look at how they consume that content and how it triggers purchases.

    Subscriptions and micropayments are wildly different, even if the crossover is becoming blurred.


    A 'Season pass' is a subscription type model, but it's being triggered by a variety of factors.

    Product familiarity (free), desire (better stuff), and social (everyone else is getting it). Its already tied to rewards, you are already participating, so upgrade a bit to get even more desirable stuff.


    Microtransactions are often based around a 1. product familiarity (free + length of service) and 2. an offer appearing at the right time.

    With 2. - this can be demographic, time, or investment based.

    Most commonly, surfacing a microtransaction to a player when they are in a joyous state.

    See Clash Royale. You level up, yay! Get new things unlocked, yay! Sparkly graphics, yay!

    Now - there's an offer in the shop for £5! Yay! 

    Dopamine hit targeting is an easy thing to do if your product is great.


    Eurogamer does not appear to be doing any of this. It is likely they haven't conducted enough user research, and didn't define a plan to succeed.

  8. 27 minutes ago, alex3d said:

    He's right though with regard to the steps he outlined. Subscriber benefits are questionable (Merch discounts?!?) and the first few Premium articles are too ("Why all the high review scores?" Or the painting one).


    Premium articles? So it's the same thing as before. Now you pay for it. That will work out splendidly!


    Where is the innovation? A record label is mental and would never work, and at the same time it's an innovative idea.



  9. 21 hours ago, McCoy said:


    You have to admit, it is a bit of a strange stance. 


    You were happily reading EG and consuming ads. EG say they are financially struggling and introduce a new method of reading which may help them and you take this as your cue to try to prevent any money flowing to them at all. 


    EG - 'We're financially struggling, please subscribe or continue to view ads' 

    You - 'Well, I was happy to view ads when I thought the site was very profitable, now I know its struggling I'll go out of my way to make their financial situation even worse by trying not to view the ads at all'. 


    The Eurogamer business plan is a bit if a strange one really isn't it?


    They have a website chock full of adverts to sustain them. Now they are not getting enough traffic or making enough money from this method.


    Stepping through this as any kind of business:


    > You give your content away 'for free' so anyone can view it

    > This isn't working anymore, you aren't getting enough money

    > Your user base is not visiting enough

    > Why is this? Your product/content isn't enough to keep them coming back even for FREE

    > At this point you want to make these dwindling numbers PAY for a service that already isn't very appealing


    Imagine an ad supported MMO that launches as a free game. If starts well then after a few years it's numbers behind to drops away.

    Without any new features, outstanding content, or changing things, the MMO now wants everyone to pay.

    What do we think is going to happen?


    The whole idea seems, on paper, like a really ham fisted business decision.

    You upset your loyal fans by closing their community and then ask for more money?

    "Hey, we are still doing the same old reviews and that, and we've closed the community, how about you help us out so we can keep this failing service alive?.


    If a business is floating away down the river you need to pivot and try something new. You do not suddenly ask for more money, especially when you've upset your more frequent users of your business.


    "My ice cream is melting and no one is buying it because it's November, time to put up the price! I'M GONNA BE RICH "

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