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  1. Elbo

    Quake Live

    Anyone have any invites left?
  2. Elbo

    Left 4 Dead (PC)

    elbo_smogg Me and Dave are going to play now, any takers?
  3. If that's all they are then where is their merit? They're witty and insightful reactions to bad game design (barring the odd duff week). In that sense, very accurate reviews from a player's perspective.
  4. The important thing for me about Yahtzee's reviews is not whether or not they are 100% accurate (as that sort of stuff is horribly boring and less entertaining), but the fact that he accurately sums up what it actually feels like to play these games, rather than just simply describing their content. So what if he uses some creative licence, it gives you a better impression of what to expect. In that respect, I find them far more useful reviews than the usual toss.
  5. Elbo


    Username: Elbo_Smogg My creatures tend to be on the fat and wobbly side.
  6. Elbo


    I'm not sure if it will find people who only have the creature creator, as I don't have the full game yet, but in case anyone wants to try my username's Elbo_Smogg.
  7. I'm of the opinion that anything the Gollops touched was gold. Except for Magic and Mayhem, that game sucked a huge load of arse burgers. And there was that Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge game that got canned, but which had full 3d destructable terrain and rag doll physics and looked frickin' sweet.
  8. Elbo

    Ninja Gaiden 2

    Got this recently. Any tips for beating the bastard demon/train/fish thing on chapter 3? I'm only on Acolyte.
  9. Oh I forgot to add: you can buy each of the games separately on Steam for $4.50 each. I loved Apocalypse actually, but I think it's too rough around the edges these days. For a better pausable realtime/turn based fix, try Laser Squad Nemesis, Gollop's latest masterpiece. Anyway, I played Terror from the Deep to death, though the game balance was a bit suspect, as it started out bastard hard then became super easy. And the difficulty settings didn't make any difference as they were bugged I think. Bascially I just want UFO for a few quid, but am hesitant in case Vista fucks it up...
  10. Just wondering has anyone bought this on Steam yet? the collection comprises: X-COM UFO Defense X-COM: Terror from the Deep X-COM: Apocalypse X-COM: Interceptor X-COM: Enforcer Apparently they all work ok under Vista via DOSBox, apart from Terror which only works on XP. Can anyone else confirm this? I really fancy UFO for a few quid...
  11. Elbo


    I tried to log in on the Creature Creator (trial version) just now and it can't connect. I assume because the servers are currently being hammered?
  12. Actually, anyone fancy a game now? Name the server.
  13. Is there even the slightest chance this will be released on PC via Steam or suchlike? I played Retro Evolved and it's possibly some of the most pure gaming fun I've ever experienced.
  14. This. In fact, all the Gollop titles. (except Magic and Mayhem.)
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