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  1. I’ve not read the links, but I imagine they follow my issue with it - it’s a competent SF flick with a decent premise up until it turns unto a godawful brain dead monster movie, and as a consequence it’s just a pile of pointless wank.
  2. Mate, if you loved all that the rest of the game is going to blow you away.
  3. Was it @Harsin who wrote an easy to follow guide to the ‘plots’ of Kingdom Hearts, that was the funniest thing ever seen on this forum? I demand it be presented to me for my delectation!
  4. That’s interesting, because I really had to think for a while to remember which bit you meant! Those story beats are just so inconsequential to the overall game...the only one I think really resonated with me as a memorable experience was the festival.
  5. Yes I’ve no idea how it runs on the last gen machines, I just assume they will see the highest incidence of the common issues (based on posts in here mainly).
  6. Consider it me teaching you both how to write nice.
  7. Well, I’m probably biased as I think it’s one of the greatest video game experiences of all time. But it definitely depends what you expect and/or take from it - it’s certainly the definition of a flawed masterpiece. For me, it’s a game about exploring and musing upon an incredibly realised future space, so it delivers in spades.
  8. Also worth knowing it starts VERY slowly, and the combat training makes it seem like the combat is terrible. The game really gets its hooks into you when you forget the story entirely and start wandering round the city getting into your own mischief, that’s where the real learning and fun is. Although the main story is decent, most of the best writing is in the side quests.
  9. On this point, it’s worth remembering it’s peppered with errors and bugs whatever platform you play on, but they are so inconsequential (certainly on Stadia, although ymmv) that it’s functionally irrelevant to the wonder that is there. I think people have the idea that if you watch a ten minute YouTube compilation vid of Cyberpunk bugs, that’s what the game is like. In reality, unless you are playing on the last gen boxes it’s nothing like that at all.
  10. @JPL is playing on series X and found it fine.
  11. This is great, cheers. I urge anyone who likes this to also read Dave Marusek’s excellent novella The Wedding Album, which explores similar themes: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wedding_Album_(short_story)
  12. I am playing this on Stadia, and loving it! For the most part, anyway. My partner is playing it with me, and she pretty much exclusively plays DK Tropical Freeze / Mario Kart 8, so she’s less familiar with the standard FPS set up than me. So when she gets the controller, Ethan starts navigating the environment like he just downed three bottles of tequila to numb the pain of receiving a cricket bat to the bonnet. Fortunately we’re playing on easy so he’s fairly indestructible, but the videotape bit where Mia was trying to evade Marguerite (?) was...challenging. And we wo
  13. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, Tetris & Pac-man is all I ever used it for. It’s junk.
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