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  1. Despite the album name, not a guilty pleasure, more an absolute one:
  2. I just call all XBoxes ‘excellent-box’, saves time. Although I haven’t owned one since the 360 so I may be out of touch on that.
  3. Come on, the original toys are loads better than the new ones! Shai Hulud not to scale I guess...
  4. It is wonderful. If you dig that, have a crack at The Beautiful and Damned, and a must read is Tender is the Night. Both quite a bit more melancholy than Gatsby (which itself is fairly melancholy!), but extremely rewarding.
  5. Yes, agreed. I thought episode 4 was more than a bit boring, too.
  6. However, if they ever make a Uri Gellar biopic, I’m Thinking of Bending Things would make a great title.
  7. We’re midway through S3 of Halt and Catch Fire and we are LOVING IT - many thanks all those who gave it the recco in here.
  8. That is great! On the war records tip...
  9. Certainly, if you turn it off after about an hour and ignore the rest of the film.
  10. ZOK

    Devotional music

    And this is a very different tack, but a track I’m nuts about. Probably not one that ever made it into the playing out box though:
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