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  1. Okay cool, I’ll check. Re drowned man, I swam around pretty much every support but never found the cache...
  2. Something something Cyberpunk 2077 something Basilisk something something.
  3. I’m on Stadia, so I don’t really know what version I’m playing. Is it it’s own version? Never had a crash, out of interest.
  4. Okay cheers. I mean I’ve been playing 90 odd hours with whatever was on by default, and now I’m playing at night in the underpasses of Pacifica (on an OLED in a well lit room in the day) so it might just be that’s how it’s intended to be and I’m used to it being lighter.
  5. Okay, thanks for all that @Thor - I looked in the game settings and I could see how to change the HDR settings but not turn them off, so I switched them off in Stadia - now it’s night time in Pacifica and I can’t see a damn thing!
  6. Regarding the issues with HDR on this, what are they? I haven’t changed anything in the settings (beyond removing hud items) so I guess I’ve got it switched on, what will I notice if I switch it off?
  7. I was playing Hades obsessively, and only stopped because Cyberpunk came out. Luckily I’d got out once beforehand or I’d probably never have done it...
  8. Indeed - but as the premise is bunk from the get go because he picked an ‘example’ that doesn’t work and is provably nonsense, it consequently throws the credibility of the whole piece out. Can’t say I think much of the writing anyway, but that’s besides the point.
  9. Well it’s bollocks from the outset: ‘The odd bug’ would be accurate - ‘deeply broken’ is deranged. EDIT: And it gets worse: That’s funny, I’ve put over 90 hours into it, and its systems are entirely cohesive - in fact more than that, one of the reasons I would argue it’s an unparalleled achievement in video gaming is there has probably never been such a coherent and believable game world.
  10. I’ve not seen any RuPaul this year but there was a great doc on iplayer about the Glasgow drag scene, well worth watching if it comes back - Mother Tuckers: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0004bs5
  11. Christ alive...people are having a flip comparing shadows that you could only compare if you had a picture of both games side by side, and would be irrelevant when playing either one. I realise this is nothing new, but what is wrong with these people?
  12. I bought this so I’m not going to compare it unfavourably to Cyberpunk 2077.
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