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  1. ZOK


    There’s a good Pamela Anderson doc on Netflix at the moment, I think made in response to the show they had on Disney about her and Tommy Lee. She comes across as candid, hugely likeable and prone to making daft mistakes in the pursuit of happiness, but it’s produced by her sons (who also seem lovely too) so it’s obviously very much on her side.
  2. I can’t watch a show where Michael from Arrested Development pretends to be someone else.
  3. I feel like I watch Netflix all the time, and the only shows of theirs I’ve seen on that list are Dahmer, Seinfeld and the first two Stranger Things series.
  4. He’s not supposed to be likeable, is he? He’s just a mercenary chancer who ends up doing the right thing through the crushing weight of circumstance.
  5. Indeed, I seem to remember it was essential.
  6. Yes, they are not the same person.
  7. Which is one of the myriad reasons the description could be transposed so neatly.
  8. Amazing how neatly this description of OSC could be transposed onto Rowling and her excuses for transphobia: ’Orson Scott Card is an American author, critic and public speaker. A number of his writings are political in nature and address the issue of gay marriage, which he believes is a “potentially devastating social experiment.” It is Card’s view that same-sex marriage would mark the end of democracy, and to that end, he has made a habit of opposing what he calls the “homosexual activist agenda.” Card denies he is a homophobe: “This is a term that was invented to describe people with a pathological fear of homosexuals — the kind of people who engage in acts of violence against gays. But the term was immediately extended to apply to anyone who opposed the homosexual activist agenda in any way.” For a man who claims not to have a phobia of homosexuals, he seems quite scared of letting gay people marry. For example, he believes that gay marriage would “spell the end of democracy.” He also seems to not have much respect for homosexuals, suggesting that they are “tragic genetic mix ups.” Whether he truly hates homosexuals or not, it’s obvious he doesn’t like them very much, and is threatened by the idea of them having the same rights he enjoys as a heterosexual.’
  9. ZOK

    Duran Duran

    What?! That clip makes me like Simon Le Bon even more!
  10. The sequel to a film with half a plot also has a poor plot? This had never happened before.
  11. ZOK

    Duran Duran

    Interesting…essentially a mix of Duran Duran and Rio, the actual two best albums.
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