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  1. ZOK

    Tiny games

    Amazing game!
  2. A reasonable summation of Bladerunner 2049 too.
  3. The perfect way to play it. Forget about the game teaching you stuff, just roam around soaking it in and getting into scrapes and eventually it all starts to make sense.
  4. Oh, I stupidly thought it might be a cart! I have no clue about home brew stuff.
  5. I can’t believe I didn’t watch Sorcerer for at least two decades because I’d read somewhere it was a poor retread of WoF, and I think it was people on here who convinced me to give it a go. Of course, I found it to be a film that is visually stunning in almost every frame. Well done rllmuk!
  6. Yes, as much as the Spectrum is the computer of the people it’s the ZX81 that is the icon for me, everything about it is ultra cool, from the four character legend, to the beautiful industrial colour scheme, to those perfect lines. It’s like someone made a computer to look like an Imperial Star Destroyer.
  7. A creative influence of simply unmeasurable proportion.
  8. I thought it looked decent.
  9. Huck Finn is an amazing book…what do you find awkward about it? It’s an extremely sharp satire on racism and racist attitudes, directed equally at adults as at children, and is really shaped perfectly as such. I love Mark Twain. I think the fact he’s probably read less today than he was a hundred years ago is significant when you consider society’s broad slide into credulity and stunted thinking.
  10. This is so cool Smoothy! I’ve somehow never seen Games World. Bob Mills, what a legend.
  11. ZOK

    We got the funk

    That’s so funny, exactly what I was going to post! One of the all time killer tracks.
  12. ZOK

    We got the funk

    I was once very drunk at a gig, and interrupted Bambaataa to ask him if he could play some hip hop.
  13. No, it turns out it was A War from 2015, which has a plot nothing like The Guilty at all! Nice little movie:
  14. They should be looking at the current cast of Hollyoaks, they could stroll into some of these parts. Walter is perfect for Uncle Phil!
  15. So instead of making a series based on the film The Driver, they are making a series based on the game that knocked it off? Hard to see that either carry enough contemporary nostalgia to warrant a series, but whatever. At least The Driver was some wonderful cinema…my main memories of Driver are it being mostly unplayable.
  16. I think I saw The Guilty at the cinema years ago, is that the one about a bunch of soldiers in Afghanistan or somewhere and there’s a trial for some reason? I remember liking it a lot, although I can’t remember anything about it now!
  17. ZOK


    I thought Drag Me to Hell was a lot of fun, but it’s also clearly a load of old crap too. My tastes run parallel to yours but I also love zombie and shlock stuff into the bargain, so maybe I’ll like this.
  18. Sounds like a riff on Empty, @biglime’s peerless house clearance sitcom.
  19. ZOK


    Worse than Drag Me to Hell?!
  20. Or PVC signs and neon leggings for that matter!
  21. ZOK


    Is this streaming or in the cinema?
  22. It’s well worth investigating, I had it for free for a year from some link off here and I’ve kept up the sub (a tenner a month), they have stacks of stuff you don’t see elsewhere.
  23. It’s a brilliant little foreign / indie film streaming service, they have a great selection. If you use this link you can get a free 30 day trial: https://mubi.com/t/web/global/Ea9UC8T9
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