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  1. So what the fuck has that got to do with Corbyn?
  2. The ones on iplayer are a slightly different format to the YouTube ones, they’re more developed.
  3. I love what they’ve done with this! All the ones on YouTube are great anyway but throwing in some camera trickery and his music to make a proper show out of it hasn’t lost any of the original magic and bends it into something new.
  4. I don't think I've seen any others of his - I did have Barbara on the list to watch but I'm not sure if Mubi still have it.
  5. My Toejam & Earl slipmats…I’ve retired them now in favour of some Dr Suzukis but they saw nearly thirty years of club action, and still look (mostly) great!
  6. The State I Am In - 4/5 (MUBI) Very decent low key thriller about a seemingly average German couple in Portugal who happen to be terrorists on the run, with their 15 year old daughter in tow. Unfortunate resource events force their return to Germany, as the daughter finds their lifestyle increasingly at odds with her desire to be a normal teenager.
  7. If it was ever really good, it went to complete shit once it became ‘business plan’ rather than give them a proper job (which was highly debatable in itself). Since then it’s obviously been about getting a bunch of twats to do stuff with no rhyme or reason to pad out the run of the show until they get to the few plans that might be viable. But who wants to see Sugar in anything these days? He’s a complete scumbag, so fuck him and anyone and anything connected with him.
  8. Yes, this is decent. Well done all of you!
  9. Ah, that’s unlucky…but on the flip side you live in Denmark rather than here in the UK, so you get by far the better end of the deal!
  10. All 9 series are on BBC iplayer too.
  11. It’s on the Stadia, which is a pc build and doesn’t suffer from pedestrian or vehicle density absence in other areas, so I guess it’s the same throughout.
  12. I’ve been on a bit of an early 80s electronica jag, and this is amazing. Remixes from 1986 of some Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti classics from earlier in the decade.
  13. Possibly, I don’t know. But in C2077 it’s so glaringly egregious it actually makes me furious. If you really want to see how bad it is, go up into the mountains and watch traffic through a scope, it’s shocking. It stands out so starkly against how polished everything else is. You can also stand in a road and watch streams of traffic zooming towards you, and then just vanishing as they get within a hundred yards of you. I’ve never seem that in any other game.
  14. It’s not a bug. They just completely abandoned the idea of realistic traffic AI, so what ‘traffic’ you see in the distance is mainly just low res 2d images moving about.
  15. Ricky Gervais appeal is pretty easy to work out. He appeals to fundamentally nasty people who wish they could go around acting like a prick to other people without getting a punch in the face, and to somehow be popular because of it. That’s his ‘comedy’, and it resonates with people like him.
  16. No. In fact, sadly, it’s much, much worse. Endless incremental attempts to ‘fix’ it mean that the only way you can actually play it today is on an original PS4 unpatched version. Every other format just hangs on install.
  17. I always thought the Speedking was decent. Very study.
  18. That looks like it was designed up from the basic premise ‘why shouldn’t a controller try to hurt you?’
  19. I love that they’ve decided to get rid of boxes and ship it in a carry case. That is a genuine improvement over every portable ever released.
  20. Very little difference between the Stadia controller and the Switch Pro for my money. The Pro has slightly better build quality and much better battery life (which it should do when you consider the price difference), whereas the Stadia has real analogue triggers (and is basically free), but they’re much the same to use other than that.
  21. John Morales did a double remix album, it’s lush! Have a listen to this, if you can accept what he’s doing here (and I think it took me a while to really decide I did with this one) you’ll like the whole thing really:
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