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  1. I’ve just been noodling around the Great Plateau, hardly visited it yet and ended up doing the Time Temple / chasms quest. I was surprised by the prize you get, seems a bit mean after all that zipping about!
  2. Much easier to fire a bombflower in when it’s breathing in, the effect is the same and less fiddly. Nice Lynel bow collection!
  3. Have you ever listened to the Streetnoise album Julie Driscoll did with Brian Auger & The Trinity? If not listen to these, you might find them up your street: The whole album is amazing.
  4. Looks like a five minute wonder to me.
  5. If you add a lightbloom to the vehicle after you have removed the stake, wouldn’t that be the most recent build? It may not count it, some items do and some don’t.
  6. I liked that one I saw in that dragon scale video, just a control stick stuck to a vertical broom with a fan on the top. Keep forgetting to try it out but it looked great.
  7. Probably unavoidable if you don’t have some tough rock hammers!
  8. When you get the technique Froxes are really simple - you’ll take more damage running into gloom by accident!
  9. Yeah, if you aren’t feeling what it does, I totally get you’d hate it. Personally I think it’s so atmospheric and beautiful, I love being down there. The time it takes to think about your traversal when you have an objective is delicious.
  10. The strength of the Depths is that it subverts the core game completely. What’s Hyrule about? You can see or go anywhere. What’s the Depths about? You can’t see anything, and half of it you can’t touch. So immediately your familiar gameplay loop is completely flipped upside down. There are loads of other things about it, but it’s such an amazing inversion of the game, and that both places are perfect to explore is miraculous really.
  11. Alternatively, I think it’s good - once you’ve tried an aerial approach to the ring you know there is no possible way you are getting in there without fulfilling some story aspect, and it saves you wasting any more time trying alternatives.
  12. ‘Liquorice Jetta’ would be a great movie.
  13. Also, when I read ‘pta’ my brain automatically converts it to Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson.
  14. If he can’t make more street racing films, it’s really on him. I saw Fast & Furious at the actual cinema!
  15. What what? The best Fast and Furious is the first one, because it is basically the plot of Point Break but with cars rather than surfboards. It cannot be bettered! I have not seen any past Tokyo Drift mind you.
  16. I think the last time I tried fighting one I was on four hearts, so I’m probably better equipped to have another go now! I have a couple of bits of anti-gloom armour too, I guess those help?
  17. Regarding the gloom hands, twice now I’ve had situations where they just disappear and leave some of those dark pieces. Like I was in the bottom of the Akkala labyrinth after having entered it via a cave and ascend. I picked up the prize and one appeared, so I jumped down a hole back into a cave. When I ascended again there was just a purpleish mist and the pieces. Is there a trick to this?
  18. I find it occasionally, but it’s by no means common. I tend to assume they are older recordings, with no value in updating them.
  19. I just can’t get over how good the Depths is as a gaming ‘mode’. As much as I love the other areas it might even be my favourite. I love the atmosphere of foreboding you get down there, especially when it’s dark and you head off without being able to see if you are heading for a light root. Then little guerrilla raids on bokoblin mining camps, with the payoff of more zonaite. I love the architecture down there as well, it’s so evocative, especially around Akkala. I hunted around down there for ages on my way to a map X I had. Climbed up a really tall frond, fired a lightbloom seed down and it opened up a big empty patch of landscape. Two seconds later a lynel trotted out of the darkness to investigate, and of course spotted me with its bionic eyes. I paraglided over its head to the safety of a new light root I could see, the lynel missed me but just as I got near the light root I caught fire due to extreme heat, managed to switch the light root on and fast travel out of there with half a heart left. Back to the safety of Tarry Town!
  20. ZOK

    Cozy Gaming

    What you personally may say or not say is irrelevant. It’s a perfectly acceptable usage in English, by people living in the UK, and always has been. It’s not an Americanism either.
  21. ZOK

    Cozy Gaming

    Except you’ve misunderstood the workings of the English language completely. It’s a perfectly acceptable usage, in exactly the same way to lunch means to eat lunch, or to dine means to eat dinner. ‘I lunch at midday, and I dine in the evenings. I game after I have eaten.’ To game is a usage in the English language meaning to play games.
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