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  1. Why is Lee Fogarty stirring on twitter? Why does he have someone’s contract?
  2. I was obviously mistaken that we would be discussing as adults. Sorry, @maryliddon, I don't think this is a healthy place for me so I shall decline further conversation. I do appreciate your time and discussion. I wish you well in your en-devours.
  3. I've been nothing but respectful in my posts whilst conversing. I've openly said I have anxieties so please don't add to those by questioning my motives for being here. I took an interest in something, is that so wrong?
  4. @maryliddon - Wow, I hadn't really pondered that until now. I guess dependent on the value that an individual can place on something would determine whether or not to proceed with investing time and energy into something. Personally on this if I were directly involved as the person who had the strikes, if I felt I were right, then yes of course I'd want to defend my position. I would naturally speak with the claimant in person, privately, to enquire the legitimacy of the claim but would further consider the cost implications and whether that person would risk the embarrassment of being proved wrong. As an outsider though I'd watch the progress and debate (as I am doing) with interest but further than just passing interest which will soon dissipate, I'd have no greater motivation in spending actual energy on something that held no benefit to me. Thanks for making me ponder that though, an interesting moment in thought!
  5. I'm not Paul. This is why is generally pass on debates, everything has to become a conspiracy theory. I'm asking questions in what I thought was an open conversation. If you don't care for my presence, please just ignore me.
  6. @Flub - Sorry, not trying to be pretentious, just looking at a global view and sadly, pretty ladies, no matter how sexist it sounds, garner more apathy then men ever will in situations like this. If I offended, I apologize.
  7. @maryliddon Okay, no worries and I respect your comments and appreciate you taking the time to converse. This isn't my usual thing as like to so many I have social media anxieties and don't like to engage. Really happy though that people are being respectful to me, that makes my time on line more comfortable. May I then ask, if your interest is outside of this incident; what part of it adds value to what you're looking at and indeed, what are you looking at? Call me nosy but your dedication is fascinating.
  8. @Unofficial Who - Apologies, I may have missed that. I respectfully withdraw that question and appreciate your kind comment.
  9. Sorry, no offense or implication intended. If you successfully track down the proof you seek and the claimant is proved to own the IP, will you then accept this, possibly even apologize for the prolonging of this episode? All said and done, if you discover the claimant owns the property and going forward, any other IP owner who asserts their ownership, will you accept that they have the right to monitor, protect and license their property as they see fit? YouTubers do seem to have become demigods that float on a cloud of self believed protection and righteousness and this is flattered by their adoring fans. Whilst I respect and admire the works of "some" creators, a lot have grown outsized egos and believe they can do literally as they please and can work outside of the law. "Fair use" and "parody" is fine when used within their defined parameters but it appears those terms are just used whenever and wherever to deflect arguments or unwanted attention. Also and I know this will be an unwelcomed comment, but - if a "gentleman" of large, less than average looks and appearance had been the centre of this row, would he have attracted the same emotional and financial support that the young lady enjoyed? In the past we've seen "similar" things happen to people of a male nature and they've been told to "man up" or laughed at. It does feel like double standards from most people who didn't really care about alleged IP abuse, more wanting to just help the pretty lady. I of course discuss with due respect but perhaps it needs to be put to discussion.
  10. Sorry @Lorfarius, no, I'm not "that" Lee. Probably a bad choice of avatar actually. Just a fan of WoS. I'm quite new to retro and just baffled to the past few weeks heat, just trying to understand why some people have grown so obsessive over this explosion and why some are still hanging on to threads like it was their life blood. Makes no difference to me, I'm just concerned that someone is obsessing.
  11. I've been following your comments with interest @maryliddon and several things concern me. What is your unhealthy preoccupation with this gentleman and his IP? Is there a reason you've become so emotional involved in this drama? Everyone else has moved on from it, even the YouTuber (who is now seeing her Patreons start to leave). Are you being paid to try and discredit this gentleman or do you have a personal axe to grind, or perhaps you're unhappy that you didn't purchase the Horace I.P first? We'd love to know, your audience awaits!
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