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  1. Nobody should ever forget that Lee Fogarty is the biggest pariah in the ZX Spectrum scene who lied repeatedly during the Vega+ scam and continues to do so now. He has history of slagging off the retrogaming YouTubers behind their backs (especially at public events like Dizzy 30th, Spectrum 35th etc), but now sees an opportunity to cast himself as the good guy by suddenly switching sides to support Sarah/Octavius! He's publicly claiming he's never heard of @Octav1usKitten or watched any of her videos until about a week ago (another easily proven lie) and now he's sending his lies to as many people as he can. Well, those that he hasn't blocked that is! Nothing Lee Fogarty says can be taken as fact. He lied about not working for RCL until the last minute when the bank statements were revealed showing he was paid 14k! Then he was forced to admit he was a paid employee after all. And World of Spectrum is a disaster since he took it over, an incredibly slow site almost nothing working and a whole lot of tracking private information being carried out behind the scenes. Lee runs various Twitter accounts for his abuse, and keeps switching when the accounts invariably get locked. He has been caught operating accounts that he claimed at the time were not him, with even the other World of Spectrum moderators sheepishly announcing Lee was operating the main account when he was abusing people with it. Only a fool would trust Lee Fogarty.
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