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  1. Actual goosebumps listening to that. Absolutely outstanding, every track is a banger - no weak links whatsoever. El-P is just the best producer working today. It's going to take a few listens to really appreciate the lyrics (I always hear the beats first) but as you can imagine, there's some superb stuff on there. Mike's verse on 'walking in the snow' is spine chilling. Stand out tracks, if I had to pick a few, would be 'Ooh La La', 'Goonies Vs ET', 'Holy Calamafuck', 'pulling the pin', 'JU$T' and the closer 'A few words for the firing squad'. But really? It's all fucking epic.
  2. Been drinking entirely too much whisky during lockdown, but the money I've saved in diesel (which didn't go well in cocktails) has enabled me to buy a few more expensive bottles than I would normally buy. Best of these has been the Arran Bodega Sherry Cask, which was about £60 and comes in at 55.8%. I absolutely love it - more than the A'bunadh which is now stupidly priced. Another Arran, the Quarter Cask, is about £50 and a similar strength but is far lighter and more floral. I also treated myself to another bottle of Uigeadail which never fails to impress. Also got a
  3. Recently, Lonely Mountain has really stood out for me as an example of doing something really, really simple extremely bloody well. Simple controls, getting from A to B as quickly as possible within a lovely and chilled environment. Rinse, repeat. Very morish too, a good sign of simplicity working the way it should.
  4. Off to see Sick of it All tonight in Glasgow - supported by Cancer Bats and Comeback Kid. Will be standing at the side nodding enthusiastically and observing the mayhem. One of the best live bands I've ever seen, should be good.
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