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  1. It looks like they pasted his Godfather pt III haircut on there as well.
  2. I've grown very averse to fast-travel on open world games. I only fast-travelled once in Breath of the Wild, even though there is a whole in-universe explanation for how it works. I picked the super hardcore difficulty on Days Gone partly because fast travel was totally removed as an option. I've been ploughing through Horizon Zero Dawn and only succumbed to fast-travelling twice. I think I just like the journey - those quiet travelling bits, and the things that happen on the way, seems like one of the core pillars of the genre. I don't mind if it's more integrated into the gameplay, though. I liked Far Cry 2's 'bus stop' system, where actually reaching a fast travel location was a relief unto itself, and you were restricted by only being able to travel to other bus stops. I also like GTA and RDR's taxi/stagecoach systems because they feel fully integrated into the game, and you can actually sit back and enjoy the ride if want. Skipping the journey with a single button press is just like falling asleep while being ferried somewhere.
  3. I played through at least 2/3rds of Transformers Devastation before realising there were a load of upgrades and gear options in the menus. I'd just been playing with the default stuff I picked up so my power had in no way been scaling with the enemy boss encounters, which had turned into epic battles of attrition. I was quite pleased that I'd managed to get as far as I did.
  4. I always thought David in The Last of Us was a blatant John Hawkes rip-off:
  5. Every time I looked at the Battlefield 2042 loading screen during the recent beta, I wondered if the actor Shea Wigham had deliberately been used as the likeness, or whether he's miffed about it. Or is it just me that sees the likeness? I know Naughty Dog got in trouble because Ellie in TLOU looked so much like Ellen Page, which she wasn't happy about. What other game characters/posters have likenesses clearly ripped from real life or elsewhere?
  6. Pob


    Well, he should probably stick to playing white people at least.
  7. Pob

    Battlefield 2042

    Yeah I'm having trouble extracting much enjoyment from this as well. It's hard to tell whether it's just because I'm just dying way more than killing, but when I think back to when Battlefield 1 came out - it was just awesome and satisfying to play right from the get-go. I've had so much fun with the earlier games, even if I'm not doing that well, and even if I'm playing solo. Even the few times I've played BFV when it came to Game Pass felt great, even though the maps didn't seem as good and it was hard to see enemies. And, as people have said, it's night and day compared to the hilarity of the Halo Infinite big team battle test last weekend. It's funny - after Halo 3 I migrated wholesale over to COD (MW1 and 2) and Battlefield BC2 and Battlefield 3/4 in the 360 era, and barely touched Halo Reach, 4 or 5. But suddenly Halo seems to be back and way more fun than the new Battlefield.
  8. I watched Thunderball and Never Say Never Again a bunch of times as a kid and I would never have guessed the latter was a remake. Then again, you just remember specific scenes when you're a child rather than the actual plot. NSNA has the PVP nuclear war game where you get shocked when you lose. Thunderball doesn't, therefore they are different films.
  9. I’m no dead-eye but I’ve not had any problems tracking or hitting targets in this. The settings above definitely helped, but they are nothing to do with assist or stickyness.
  10. I’ll summarise this 5min 30sec video below: reduce stick deadzones to zero change look acceleration to 5
  11. I love the pistol in this. It reminds of Halo 2's, which was always my favourite.
  12. I'm someone who loves Casino Royale (because I love the Bourne trilogy and similar more grounded spy fare), but did not like Skyfall at all because I hate it when films feel like they don't need to make sense as long as there are regular action scenes. Will I like this?
  13. I'm about 50% through this now and I still think it's incredible. I'm taking my time, using fast travel very sparingly and doing most of the quests I find. The machine combat never gets old - in fact, it evolves as you face tougher machines and collect more tools for your arsenal. I had a particularly gratifying session where I faced a massive Thunderjaw in a Cauldron. I assumed it'd kill me a bunch of times before I nailed it, because there's nowhere to run in those cauldrons, but I spent ages preparing the battlefield with tripwires and mines, buffed myself up to counter its attacks, and studied the codex so I knew what parts to attack and what to expect. I smashed it first time thanks in large part to the explosives-lobbing sling, and by stripping its disc launchers to use against it. It was right down to the wire, and incredibly satisfying to pull off. I do think there are several ways the game could be improved. Firstly, it's a ballache juggling the different weapons via the inventory. They really should streamline it down so you have quick access to the key tools. I shouldn't have to carry three bows to get the full range of arrows. Similarly, the Ropecaster should be a signature weapon that can be used in a multitude of ways depending on what you fire it at: fire at two surfaces and create a tripwire, fire at a surface and a machine to tether it down. They could take it much further still, and give it traversal and stealth uses: fire at a surface or enemy and then reel yourself in, like a grapple, or fire it and let the rope run loose so you can swing around like Uncharted. Or use it to pull human enemies and loot towards you from a hiding spot. At the moment the ropecaster and tripcaster each take up a slot, meaning you have to keep swapping one out for the war bow or a sling, depending on what you're fighting. It's too fiddly and immersion-breaking. I also find myself in and out of the menus studying the machine codex. The Focus is good for highlighting enemy weakspots but they could take the study and scanning aspects much further within the game itself - give the Focus zoom capabilities and upgradeable vision modes, so studying new machines for their strengths, weaknesses, current status and stats becomes an active part of planning and research process. Make the player sneak in close to scan for more detailed info, which at the same time will show the machines off in their idling state. Try to get a nicer diegetic interface for studying the machines in real-time, rather than making the player go into the menus to get the full details. Maybe some of this will be in Forbidden West. I think the grappling is just to pre-set tether points though isn't it?
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