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  1. I really like this guy's video essays. He just did one on Andor:
  2. It took me a while to work out who has pride of place in the centre of the top shelf. Is it Cal Kestis? Also, owning 'Timothy Olyphant in ill-fitting Boba Fett armour' shows real dedication.
  3. Oh, one obvious missed opportunity from the finale:
  4. I thought it was because they didn't want the 'Baby Yoda' reveal in episode one spoiled by merch. What are the chances of them getting a Lego Fondor Haulcraft out in the next few weeks? My Christmas list is primed.
  5. Feel bad saying this, but the title theme in the finale sounded a bit like a shittyflute version. I realised later it was the instruments from marching band but it still had a touch of the Trombone Champ about it.
  6. I didn't quite understand what went down with Mon Mothma:
  7. When the Prefect of Ferrix
  8. Yes, I found that on No Mercy I was coasting through quite easily and using moves for fun rather than tactically. Now on Give Me God of War I have to learn enemy attack patterns and work out how to counter them because my health can be sapped in just a few hits. I'm definitely finding the combat more engaging now, and enjoy the challenge when I hit a wall (The Hateful are the only walls I've hit so far, and they're optional, surmountable walls). As I mentioned up the page, the hardest difficulty in Ragnarok feels like the second-hardest in GOW2018. I'm making quicker progress than I did when I played GOW2018 but I have the training of that game and the aborted 8 hours I put into Ragnarok before starting over on the hardest setting.
  9. I think those 'The Hateful' fights are the equivalent of the Rift Tears from the first game - very hard optional fights that you might want to come back to later. As expected, these are rock-hard on Give Me God of War. I beat the first one last night (next to the tower in the first open lake area) which I managed to beat just before I progressed the story by making sure I had max health, max fury and a resurrection stone before I went in. I'm currently on the second one (in the mines). I know I can do it - I got it down to about 10% health once. They're the only From-level fights I've had so far. Really great challenges that force you to use everything at your disposal. Though ironically the only combat move I use on them is the light attack with the blades.
  10. Luthen will be revealed to be Palpatine’s twin. He’s trying to start a Sith war against his estranged brother by starting a rebellion. Luthen is about to kill Andor to protect his identity when a blue lightsaber blocks Luthen’s red one. It’s Andy Serkis! He made it out of Narkina 5 and is revealed to be a Jedi. At the end his Force Frost power gets reflected back on him and he ends up disfigured and we see that he’s fallen to the dark side and transformed into Snoke.
  11. That's a good article. I like this quote:
  12. Yes, it's a it of a ballache. Presumably tied to Trophies or something. Still, I'm enjoying playing it through again and having to really engage with the enemy attack patterns. I've also appreciated having all my moves taken away and having to focus on the basic combos. It's been an unexpectedly useful exercise. I also know which moves to unlock first (Blades heavy ranged attack upgrade!)
  13. I started again on 'Give Me God of War' last night - much better. Seems like the right difficulty for those wanting a challenge and who have trained extensively on GOW2018. I coasted through the first couple of hours even on this difficulty, just dying a couple of times to each boss. Bjorn the Bear is the hardest boss of the opening few!
  14. This is pretty easy on No Mercy. I’ve just arrived at the and am smashing these light elves without much resistance. Thinking about trying the hardest mode but I’d have to start again to access it. Not sure if it’s really much easier or if it’s just my training in GOW2018.
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