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  1. £500, I reckon. I mean, I'll probably still buy it if it's more but £500 feels like a line.
  2. The same way Mattel Hoverboards worked back in 2015, Hill Valley.
  3. It might be quite different this time. Last gen, these were ports. This time around, are they essentially the same game, but patched? Because save compatibility is a big issue.
  4. It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens there. If, for example, Watch Dogs Legion launches in October with no guarantee that the same license will allow me to simply play the upgraded version on the Series X, picking up my save where I left off, it means I'll hold off buying it.
  5. I hear you, I had a mild flashback to that stress when offered the 30/60fps options in Hitman and Forza Horizon 4 when I got my XB1X. I've realised now that 60fps makes a much more pronounced difference so I would likely always choose that, but if the options proliferate I can certainly see it playing it my mind again.
  6. Yeah, so we're already in the era of games requiring a HDD for asset streaming purposes, and presumably those games couldn't be done, or would be hobbled in some way, without an HDD. So there's no reason to doubt that in a few years we'll be playing games that require an SSD for the same reason. It'll happen gradually though, both in terms of the number of games requiring an SSD to work, and the evolution of game design that takes advantage of the hardware. We don't get these big Day 1 big-bang upgrades so much any more.
  7. By the end of the 360 era, was an HDD necessary for games? The HDD for the 360 was technically an optional peripheral, so does that mean stuff like GTAV would've worked without one? Or did it become assumed that everyone had an HDD by the end of the 360 era?
  8. I really loved their commentary of the Cyberpunk gameplay video - they were all getting jazzed about the amazing graphics and tech on display. Got me pretty hyped.
  9. Pob


    A bit like the new Star Wars trilogy then
  10. I find Digital Foundry strangely relaxing to watch, but quite often when I’m watching footage of some zoomed in game slowed right down in an attempt to show some slightly soft shadows or something, I think back to the platform differences of the past: “If you look closely, you may just be able to see some subtle colour palette differences, and that they look like two completely fucking different games”
  11. I watched the NoClip documentary about Outer Wilds, and I don't think that could've been done easily on older hardware. Lots of physics going on and events being tracked simultaneously across multiple locations. I mean, they could maybe have done a wireframe version, like Battlezone
  12. Somehow I doubt Trumperations will follow.
  13. That most exciting time has come around again - new consoles are on the horizon. But, lest we forget, the arrival of the XB1 and PS4 seven years ago had a dark side. Along with the excitement and extra pixels, these new consoles heralded a bitter period of conflict to rival the C64 vs Spectrum Wars decades earlier, the scars of which are still felt today. We must learn from history or we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. No longer shall we tear strips off each other for preferring one console over another. No longer shall we allow formerly prosperous threads to fall into chaos and petty squabbles. We must rise above such childish instincts and respect each other's preferences. To maximise the enjoyment of this wondrous period for the majority of forum users, the moderators will be applying the rules on abuse and disruption strictly, with cooling-off bans applied wherever console wars threaten to flare up. Thank you for listening - now enjoy the new console party period!
  14. I think it's just that games more gradually make use of the new system capabilities due to the length of time it takes to make a game these days.
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