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  1. I just think Waititi nailed it with that finale. It still had the same knockabout feel but also some real stakes and - as you'd expect - the goofiness strikes just the right tone. It is interesting to see standalone episodes again in a TV series but really it's so much better when there's more continuity, as in the final two episodes. Rebels strikes the balance well.
  2. People's reaction to those 'Saturday morning cartoon' eps seems to fall into two camps. Personally I feel like The Mandalorian started off quite well with a decent three-parter, took a huge nosedive for the next three standalone episodes, then ended on a massive high with the last two parts. I think and hope the finale will be the template going forward. They seemed to be experimenting with different styles in season 1.
  3. It is a very generic video. At one point the co-game director says "I would say our overarching philosophy of how we approached designing the game mechanically, is 'how can we take things to the next, next level". That is one insight-free sentence.
  4. Finished The Last Dance last night. So good. I don't know why - I hate sport. Listening to the soundtrack now - thanks @Charliemouse
  5. Are PS+ people getting a free upgrade to the definitive edition of Mafia 3?
  6. Everyone seems to have different preferences. Personally I like to use them to replace d-pad functions so I can access them without taking my thumb off the movement stick. I find that really helps the flow with some games. I’ve also started using them to change gears in driving games. There are some games out there with some really odd control choices. The paddles can usually solve them.
  7. Sounds like the last person I’d let near an Elite controller.
  8. If the regular controller had paddles, I'd stick with that. But it doesn't, so I'm Elite v2 all the way. They're mandatory for my enjoyment of many games now.
  9. I'm up the last stage on Mania now. I've belatedly realised that different characters are suited to different stages. Floyd absolutely beasted Y-Tower and also seemed to be best choice for the Stadium, but was pretty hopeless on Cargo Plane. Blaze's air special and low, low overhead throw were invaluable on that level, especially for flying over the phalanx of shield cops to take out the flask-throwers. Mania is some proper Halo-on-Legendary shit. It demands real concentration and mastery of the different tools, and I can repeat the same segment over and over again and never get bored.
  10. Haha totally missed that tweet. Couldn’t resist, I rolled them all. Got 20 million credits and a whole heap of cars. Bought Edinburgh Castle.
  11. I feel bad now. I didn’t even want them.
  12. Hmm, seems like an official gift but not everyone got it.
  13. They seem to have given everyone 200 free Super Wheelspins. Not sure how I feel about that, I’ve just gone back to this and was enjoying gradually accumulating cars and credits!
  14. I lied. Just beat it with Floyd, S-rank, no lives lost.
  15. Roblox is FTP so presumably Pavey is needing to sign in so she can use his Gold sub to go online? If she had her own Gold sub she could play it without Pavey needing to be signed in (plus any other game that is purchased using her account of course). The game sharing thing only works for two consoles I’m afraid @Pavey
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