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  1. Did GT3 do much that was revolutionary? I was thinking more about big-budget games that promised a quantum leap of some sort rather than an iteration on a formula. Driving games feel like the archetypal iterative genre.
  2. Apart from a shorter initial loading time what difference will there be?
  3. The warranty on the Elite 2 has been extended to a year if you didn’t already know @Majora
  4. Yes, I think this is key. This generation only seemed to allow greater picture quality which probably actually held back genuine advancements as expectations of visual fidelity are through the roof. Hence games like RDR2 and TLOU2 are visually stunning but, as games, are fairly conservative iterations on their last-gen counterparts. And I guess you don’t really see PC games pushing the envelope (like Crysis and Half Life 2 did a while back) as you need console versions to ensure a return on investment in today’s world.
  5. I'm not a big fan of Half-Life 2 but it definitely fits the bill of being a megagame that delivered - mega budget, mega hype, promises of being beyond anything seen before. As amazing as the tech and world detail was, I ultimately found it to be a little dated in terms of gameplay mechanics and design in a post-Halo world (physics stuff aside).
  6. The latest Cyberpunk delay and news that Halo Infinite's creative director has moved on have made me think about these monolithic gaming projects that we all get hyped to high heaven about, and then come crashing down to earth again when reality hits. We've had a few instances recently of games with insane budgets creating a load of hype and setting expectations of being a leap forward in game design or technology through brute force resourcing and/or programming genius. They often crash and burn or at least turn out to be a bit ordinary. Red Dead Redemption 2 had mindboggling atte
  7. It's going to be great to finally play this it a (hopefully) silky smooth 60fps with as much detail as it can muster. It's often felt like a game that was a generation ahead of its time.
  8. I thought that initially but I believe it really is causing the console to think it's overheating (or really is overheating)
  9. Doh: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-10-28-watch-dogs-legions-has-a-game-breaking-bug-on-xbox-one-x
  10. This is after the fireplace has been raging for six hours.
  11. I've done all the the side stuff I can so far, and sailed all round the lake of nine accessing everywhere that was open. I gather that a lot of optional content is kind of super-tough post campaign stuff?
  12. WD2 never got an X patch, only the PS4Pro did. The Division did eventually get a resolution patch for X1X.
  13. Which did you get? It won't be redundant @tnman it'll still be useful for shuttling games back and forth quickly (rather than redownloading), plus you can use it to store game recordings and play XB1 games from.
  14. Did I hear rumours that MS working on some kind of system-level framerate unlocker, similar to the auto-HDR thing?
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