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  1. Thanks, I bumped it up two notches in SDR and it helped a lot.
  2. Maybe if someone finds it they try to reset it? Then shoot the stand. Not sure tbh.
  3. I watched that General Krell Clone Wars 4-parter this week - wow, that's head-and-shoulders above any previous episodes! Really quite brutal as well. I was slightly disappointed by the ending (he was a turncoat who was deliberately trying to throw the battle rather than just a callous racist) but still, really great series of episodes. The new ARC trooper armour looks badass as well. I think those episodes have come closest to living up to the "I fought with your father in the Clone Wars" line in ANH, and matching up to what was in my imagination as a 10-year-old.
  4. I absolutely loved season 2 after a slow-ish start, but my main worry was that I was perhaps enjoying it too much. Like, I knew it was stuffed with fan service. It's clear they are setting up more series with guest appearances. They are leaning on nostalgia and established characters, including bringing some back from the dead. But none of that impacted my enjoyment in the way I might expect it to on paper. I actually couldn't believe how pumped I was when Boba Fett finally made a proper appearance, after being really sniffy about the idea prior to S2 airing. It must simply be because it was a
  5. Is there something up with the HDR on this? There seem to be loads of really, really dark shadowed areas. Like, totally black. I've tried messing with the two brightness options but overall the default seems to work best.
  6. Pob

    Dishonored 2

    Ooh that's a good idea - kind of reverse save-scumming.
  7. I was thinking a looter-shooter Mandalorian game would work quite well, given that season 1 of The Mandalorian is basically him mixing up story and side quests and levelling up his gear. There seems to be plenty of flexibility in the way their armour looks and the weapons/gadgets they use, which is an important consideration when making a Star Wars game. I reckon Massive should make a game where you play as a generic Mando, set it across four or five open-ish planets that you fly between (like Destiny) and travel around on speeder bikes (like Destiny), and spend your time endlessly
  8. Xbox or just PC?
  9. That's strange - what was it before?
  10. Be warned that the pilot is by far the best episode I’ve yet watched (3 eps into season 2 here).
  11. I think it's around five years after ROTJ. He spends a while exploring old Jedi temples around the galaxy and learning about the Force. Given The Mandalorian's position in the timeline (5 years after ROTJ), it could be that adopting Grogu is the point that he decides to embark on his teaching career.
  12. It’s a fair point that levels present in Hitman games for story reasons can be a bit poor, especially if it’s an enemy lair type mission.
  13. Ah yes, I had this when I had to set up my son with a PS account when my Series X broke just before Christmas. I wanted to make use of the parental controls so I told the PS his real date of birth. All my effort at setting up his account was rendered useless once I realised it would never let him play Fortnite (the only reason I was setting up an account was so that he could have his Fortnite gear synched across) and there is no way that I could find to edit his birth date. I had to abandon that account and make a new one, forgoing any parental controls at all, which is a shame.
  14. I watched a Just Write video on YouTube the other day that described Mr Robot as ‘present-day cyberpunk’ and though, I fancy that. I just binged the first season and really enjoyed it, though it never quite regained the heights of the first episode. It’s an audio-visual treat, though. I see there are four seasons. Does it stay good? I watched S02E01 last night and it seems to carry directly on as if there wasn’t even a break, so that seems like a positive sign.
  15. Ewan McGregor is apparently really pissed off with the way his character got treated in the sequels, getting punked by Vader and killed off in Episode IV, then emotionally manipulating the kid he's supposed to be looking out for in Eps V and VI. Maybe they'll retcon all that in the upcoming TV series.
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