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  1. It can only mean that Blinx The Timesweeper has returned.
  2. It's also takes up about 50 bytes of disk space.
  3. It's more like a ninja game. Or, at least, it's really fun to play like that. Perching on rooftops silently dropping down for insta-kills, firing off darts and getting into sword fights. If you're peeking out from behind boxes and methodically choking everyone then you're probably not playing to its full potential. Upgrade Blink and Slow Time and go full lethal.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/articles/how_supermarkets_tempt @MarkN maybe it's a deliberate tactic to prevent shoppers from forming a mental model for where the eggs are located!
  5. I've heard that before but I suspect it's apocryphal. It's ultimately not in the shop's interest to frustrate customers when they can so easily shop elsewhere, hence (I suspect) the fairly standardised layouts across supermarkets. Online tools like Favourites and 'Shop from a previous order' (or even the search function) would not exist if the aim was to make people make people bumble around picking up exciting new products.
  6. Heh, that's interesting. I think 'eggs' is one of those products that could be anywhere and that has no standard location from shop to shop. When we tested where users would look for it in the online categories there was an even split between 'fresh' (so near the fruit, veg and meat) and 'food cupboard' (tins etc). It's also kind of a baking thing. Those sections are often at opposite ends of the shop so I can see why you get asked so much. There's a decent iOS app called 'shopping UK' that sorts your free-text list into categories, which is really good. But, as we said, the holy g
  7. Yeah, it would massively improve the experience of shopping in-store from a list. You'd need to match a string (e.g 'mushrooms') to a product category and just use the same data that pickers use to arrange things in aisle order for that exact store. It wouldn't be perfect (what does someone mean when they have 'squash' in their list?) but it would be infinitely better than a randomly arranged list. From my point of view it's not been considered and rejected, we've just not got round to it yet. People shopping using a digital list on their phone is still relatively niche but it makes much more
  8. Oh, I was talking about the older white-haired woman in Madripool. Maybe she wasn't a Brummie.
  9. I'm a designer at Waitrose and researching this exact thing at the moment, so this is a timely thread! I'm specifically looking at how/when people make their free-text shopping lists and how they use them when they shop online or in-store, and if those lists differ. Most people I've spoken to seem to keep some kind of weekly shopping list on a notepad or in the kitchen or on their phone, which other family members can add to. They then cross stuff off as they shop (whether that be online or in-store) and clear down the list after each shop, with things that were out-of-stock being
  10. I literally waited 30 mins for that operator to come round - it didn't. An alternative solution was so simple I was properly slapping my forehead.
  11. Are you mentioning these as tie-ins for Ferrari and the F-14 Tomcat?
  12. Pob

    Xbox Game Pass

    I've already played a massive chunk on 360, and then again on PS4. I'd like to play it some more when the next-gen upgrade is released but no-way I'm doing that progress for a third time.
  13. Pob

    Xbox Game Pass

    I liked Deliver Us The Moon. If you liked hard sci-fi stories and space vistas then you'll probably enjoy it. It does well at conjuring up the awe, loneliness and danger of atmosphere-less environments. Kind of like a game version of Ad Astra. The plot is decent and I liked that it kept changing up the gameplay. It's miles better than Call of the Sea, I reckon. Someone mentioned a Series X upgrade being on the cards, though, which is sorely needed in my opinion. It feels choppy and would really benefit from a boost.
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