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  1. I'd be more than happy to see Alden Ehrenreich come back as Solo. Also, now I've seen Sebastian Stan mentioned as a Hamill replacement, it's hard to un-see it. They really do look very alike - I think he'd be great in the role and, of course, he's already a Disney guy. If Favreau and Filoni do manage to build an enduring set of intertwining post-ROTJ stories then they'll have to tackle those characters at some point. For now it's great to have a story focusing on those far away from the galactic centre but at some point it'll feel weird. Plus, I'm sure lots of people really want to know more a
  2. How was Mafia 3 on the XB1X? Such a fuckup was made of the remaster it's hard to get a feel for the current state of the game.
  3. I started Mafia 3 last night - bloody hell, what a great opening! I was instantly grabbed by the characters and - oof - that is some betrayal. Great set-up - now onto the open world busywork! I'm playing on PS4 Pro and it doesn't feel totally smooth. I tried the Mafia 3 demo on my XSX and it feels a bit nicer, but I did some research and apparently there are some unresolved audio and crash bugs that on Xbox, so I'll probably stick with PS4. @Mr. Gerbik - have you tried Mafia 3 on your PS5 by any chance? I may hold off if it's noticeably smoother. The short load times on
  4. Phew, I almost bought that yesterday! So it's worse than the original release then? Real shame they went the remaster route rather than backwards compatibility.
  5. Wreckfest really needs its 30fps cap removed!
  6. Yeah I got the same. 40p worth of reward points for a £450 console! Still, it all adds up. Reckon I’m on track to fully buy Hitman 3 with points on Jan 20.
  7. Wasn't Leadbetter at Digital Foundry using Just Cause 4 to highlight how awesome backwards compatibility is because it made a previously unplayable game really good? Or maybe it was JC3.
  8. I literally just got it refunded from Microsoft, citing the save game issue. I'll buy it again in the current sale!
  9. Quick Resume (combined with rapid initial load if it doesn't work) has already changed how I play games, in that I'm happy to flip between three games in an evening rather than sticking to just the one. It's hard to overstate how much better it is not having to tap through several splash screens and confirmation dialogs before getting into a game, and also being dropped in exactly where you left off. Not teleported back to some hub, or the beginning of a checkpoint. For me, it is literally a game-changer.
  10. Plenty of online games handle that gracefully e.g Forza Horizon 4 and The Division 2 just let you carry on solo and will attempt to seamlessly get you connected again.
  11. I watched the Cad Bane '2-parter' from the end of season 1/start of season 2 and according to the chronology they are two completely different stories, and 'part 1' comes much later. I honestly didn't notice when I was watching. I do fall asleep quite a lot in them though.
  12. Bloody hell the broadcast order is a mess! I'm halfway through S2 and I can't say I've noticed any jumping about.
  13. Don't be worried, the second half is even better @Timmo!
  14. No, I didn't get anything. Bit annoying.
  15. Just let it go! I think it’s bugged anyway which is why they allow the achievement to pop before you get them all.
  16. Pob

    Dark Souls 3

    Okay, just bought it in the Xbox Sale
  17. Maybe JJ Abrams can retcon a post-credits sequence into The Force Awakens where we see a mysterious red-tinged area of space, zoom in on a gothic planet and suddenly a manky Palpatine head pops out of a gooey bacta tank, like that bit at the end of Masters of the Universe.
  18. Rebels really suffers from inept slapstick Imperial officers and stormtroopers in season 1 - there's just no threat at all. It definitely improves and by season 3 there is a proper Imperial threat (which I won't spoil in case you don't know it). I think it also suffers because there is no good guy cannon fodder in season 1, just the heroes. Once there are more rebels involved the stakes can go up.
  19. His uncle already appeared in Homecoming in the guise of Donald Glover so I’d say it’s a dead cert.
  20. The Squadrons update isn’t live yet so NMS would be the best test. Luckily as a procedural game it doesn’t take up that much space and I guess there is little disadvantage from running the PS4 version of an external HDD.
  21. Yeah this is what I like most about his work. Like it or not, the story of Star Wars is now that the Emperor did not die when Vader chucked him down a bottomless pit but simply enacted a long-gestating plan for immortality. To be fair it's well set up in Revenge of the Sith, if you accept Star Wars in the round rather than rejecting everything outside of the OT, so I'm starting to warm to it despite the crappy execution in TROS. These days Palpatine is much more integral to the Clone Wars era than he is the OT era. Ultimately, he's the overarching bad guy across all three trilogies
  22. It's more the "I'd never heard of Captain America and Iron Man before the MCU" bombshell that I saw a couple of pages back. To me that's much more scandalous than Kerraig's "never heard of Alex Ferguson" claim.
  23. Pob

    Dark Souls 3

    I thought I'd check this out, having never played a Souls game, after hearing all my PS5-owning mates waxing lyrical about Demon's, and wanting to get some similar action. Then I find that it runs at 60fps on PS5 but is locked at 30 on XSX. SAD!!
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