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  1. Yer man Horner laid the groundwork on 48 hours. Ad laden effort Film4 in ten mins or so...
  2. I never posted my Bennetry at Halloween?! Moustache made it. Found it in the queue going to pay for my cheap dogtags. Ended up 'losing' the other ones that I bought from Topshop for £10 and never returned. Others off eBay never turned up. The overall outfit cost waaaaaaaaay too much but worth it for the five people out of a 250 strong party that knew who I was.
  3. Pretty much the only show where I've been watching it as soon as possible, rather than when is best. Even 24 gets put on the backburner these days. Brilliant comedy, just takes aspects of what is normally in American comedy and takes it up so many notches. The swearing is amazing at times. If it wasn't HBO it'd be shite. Also just got a Tweet from Kenny Powers
  4. First ever entry, always worried about getting nil pois!
  5. Spread the colourway across the soundwave? But I would totally subdue and dark-coat the fuck out of them, leaving the navigation to be the focal point, which at the end of the day is where eyes should be drawn. Having the logo as the bulls eye has never been my aim (sic)! I really need to get mine back into gear but have faltered at getting my mitts into something over and above what is my web design zenith from five years ago which still works faultlessly to this day. The whole reason I fell out of favour was lack of constant internet access when trying to get a qualification for a job I can't design a website to promote
  6. I'll get it and send you four feet. It's basically $60 or £40 for the poster alone, but I can't decide if that makes it more or less worth it. And again, the postage and potential import tax hit from that would push it up considerably more. How 'limited' is 'limited' in contrast to the t-shirt stock would probably convince me.
  7. It's £90 for the full dose I would adore that 8ft poster though I'd probably rough it up after moving it once. A year ago yes, after the exchange rate plummet I'm not as swayed. What's the postage like? Likely to be sticking with the t-shirt/vinyl combo as I get the digi-download on that as well. The t-shirt is something I've literally dreamed of owning so that can't be avoided.
  8. Is Hotel Rwanda worth watching over last weeks' Lost followed by Alien: Resurrection?
  9. Not posted stuff for a while. A selection of stuff from heading home for Xmas: CLICK FOR BEEEG! Sweeping exposure of North Edinburgh from the castle. Long exposure of Camera Obscura. Colours changed from green/blue/yellow etc but ended up pink. Photo of a scene that I've probably snapped more times than anything by a long shot. It's the view from my house over the Mourne Mountains, really pleased with this as it was the first one with the new camera. Needs much more work to bring the contrast between clouds and the mountains at the bottom, as they're barely visible. The birds were a timely bonus. Exposure of a cheap blue plastic sword filled with a strip of blue LEDs. Sadly it was broken with a proper plastic lightsabre before I could do much extra.
  10. Was on last week. Fantastic, memorable film already with fantastic an unexpected set pieces, especially the opening with the hallucinating dinner right through to the Indiana Jones style climax. Just can't shake the fact that Sherlock (Nicholas Rowe) looks like Joe Cornish from Adam & Joe.
  11. Enjoyed Badlands and Thin Red Line so much I don't think it's really worth wasting this on a juttery stream. Adding to my LoveFilm rental list though.
  12. Is Days Of Heaven worth staying up for? My TVCatchup.com stream for Film4 is woeful at the minute, trying to watch Black Rain almost purely for the sound and I can't even get that streaming constantly
  13. My two favourite subjects felt the wrath of my DSLR at Christmas: http://flickr.com/photos/mcneillr/3193093072/ http://flickr.com/photos/mcneillr/3193112540/ http://flickr.com/photos/mcneillr/3192293957/
  14. I had a ridiculon one somewhere in Liverpool city centre a few months back, although I was by myself so couldn't compare notes. EVERYONE was eating them there, even though they had a decent varied menu. I'll try and find the pub name later.
  15. Have seen him a few times, spending time in this man's presence makes life seem liveable. Also the post-if Edinburgh show he did was potentially the funniest hour and bit of my life, complete with melting taped sign on a blanket behind him on top of destroying half the people there who were too hammered to do think for themselves.
  16. Totally. It's potentially one of my favourite songs of all time. At least on the best hour of music I've ever heard mix.
  17. Annyong/Justin Lee for Best Supporting Actor 2010!
  18. Looking forward to Southern Comfort, a bit tired but have never minded to catch it. Peter Ward \o/
  19. I really want one of my own, Droo's are tasty. Here's some of a recent stay in a sexy Villa in Spain: I can't tell if it's the lens or the bricks making stuff look heat hazey. Red flavour flash keeps me as uncontrastingly bright and in more focus than my pal Robb. Amazingness, the way it cuts off at his eye and then also looks like it's streaming from his nose... At a bus stop, with a huge tower thing in the background. You could probably 'replicate' the contrast digitally, but it wouldn't be as easily done (or obviously as convincing) to get the silhouette action.
  20. I slung my turkey mix and ham and stuffing under the grill with some Applewood to melt into the dollops of BBQ sauce. SAMMICH!
  21. McNeillR


    I really should have left the PC across the water running over Christmas. Grabbing ratio hitpoints> runing Neighbours Xmas
  22. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SkLrKcB08ns
  23. You have a copy or are looking a copy of the Manchester show?
  24. Amadou and Mariam's new album is faaaaaaantastico.
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