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  1. I think you'll find that in a lot of places where GB discussion occurs there is a cult like mentality of praising every single thing about it and zero criticism allowed. I dont like particularly like Ben, his sense of humour is awful, he always interupts and his taste in games is different to mine; that said, I could tolerate him being on the show if his mic quality wasn't such trash.
  2. End of an era; Iv'e been listening to these guys, in some form or another, since 'The Hotspot' days and consuming their written content even earlier. They've been a constant in my life for so long that it's going to be very weird not hearing from them anymore, very weird and it's sad that it's ending in 2 days, not a couple of weeks notice. They had a good run though and wherever they appear, if they appear, then I will be there Day 0. I'll be interested to see what Jeff does with the site because I don't think he can do anything with it that is worth a damn at this point, the personalities are the site and now they are gone.
  3. That’s because any mild criticism over there is not acceptable; it’s praise 24/7 or nothing. Glad he’s gone but shocked he is. Things can’t be good over there if they’ve lost 30%~ of their team in the last year.
  4. Yup, I managed to get an order in for a 3060ti, paypal too so fingers crossed!
  5. More recently he was being a child over how there was no way to turn down the volume of the MS Flight Simulator installer...except, you know, the system volume mixer that is two clicks away on the taskbar. In that example above I think he knew he was wrong but because he said it he then had to double down on it out of principle.
  6. It's the journey maaaaan, not the destination...I do not expect to get one tomorrow.
  7. It's served me well and is OC'd to 4.4Ghz, brought it down from 4.6Ghz due to a few crashes but I'm not prepared to give up on it yet, will be 10 years old come March! Don't really play anything taxing other than VR (original Rift); Squadrons has been locked to 45fps on my 970 and I'd like to play through Alyx again. To be honest I'm happy to take advantage of the Supersampling I'll get with a drastically overpowered GPU.
  8. And here's me looking at a 3070 for 1080p60...and VR, I mostly want the extra power for VR. it will be paired with a 2600k...
  9. Well that was fun. Got through the basket, got through paypal checkout then it died...
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