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  1. Myron

    The Man Utd Thread

    The Glazers or Musk, now that is quite the Sophie’s choice.
  2. Myron

    The Man Utd Thread

    Playing with more authority and confidence than the latter half of last season but it’s not been a completely inspiring start. edit: aannnnnd I spoke too soon
  3. It didn’t seem like enough people were interested so I gave up pursuing it I’m up for it though
  4. Myron

    F1 22

    You can do it now, I was literally just playing it.
  5. I'm about an hour outside of Bournemouth but I could be coaxed outside for a meet up
  6. I subbed last month but mine starts next month which means I missed out on that fantastic cover MGS:TTS was done dirty in the Top 25 Gamecube games and I was surprised with the absense of Wave Race.
  7. The grid walks in the US are always such obnoxious cringe fests.
  8. Good point! I wondered if they were still a thing anymore or even valid at this point. Plus it's been hard enough trying to arrange a PGR meetup let alone a code exchange
  9. Yeah, I get that, if it's something I can get organised though then you can probably grab a gamepass ultimate month pass for £1; that gives you gold too. Just need to get 8 people
  10. It's been a week since you all let me down and we killed this thread Do I dare to try again?
  11. Oh it won’t be that serious of a time. PGR has plenty of fun modes to play too; I basically wanted to organise this to play Cat & Mouse I’d assume you still need Gold unless that’s been removed from Xbox 360? I’ve got gamepass ultimate. next day: it was a complete wet fart and no one joined, you all let me down
  12. PGR 4 night! Be there or be...a 7th gen, not square but not quite round, tyre.
  13. Okay, well there is a little interest going so I'll do a tester this week; this Thursday 8pm I'll put a custom lobby up and feel free to join. I can put a formal thread together going forward if there is enough demand for some organised 'retro' multiplayer games. Never played PGR with a wheel, they are arcadey and I guess I always reserved wheels for simulation titles but they are probably great fun to throw a wheel around in.
  14. Fair enough However, you bring up a valid point and I assume a lot of people will be in the 'I have a 360 and that game somewhere' category so the idea would be to give people enough notice to either find said items or pick them up. I'm thinking of dedicating the month to a game e.g every Thursdays 8pm GMT for the next month we will play PGR4. Then move on to the next game, or keep it going, depends what people want to do. I, for example, would like to play Monday Night Combat again. Just throwing out ideas.
  15. On one hand 11 is a lot of consoles to have out at once. On the other hand, 12 is only one more 3 people so far, is this going to require a dedicated thread?
  16. I'll put a feeler out in this thread then; can we get enough players (8) to get some games of PGR4 going? Is there anyone out there...show yourself.
  17. I picked up a slim with 2 controllers for £25, there are some good deals on eBay. I also picked up PGR4 and it is so good, I loved 3 but never really gave 4 a chance at the time (I got into Forza at that point). It’s been great playing through the career; I’d really like to get some multiplayer going, for some Cat and Mouse specifically, but it’s dead I’d been thinking about getting a thread going for ‘retro’ (pains me to type that about the 360) online games that work but lack populace
  18. Bottas always gonna Bottas
  19. yeah, not quite sure what they are going for there
  20. Yup, looks like a showcar to me. Hope they provide neutrally lit photos because the lighting isn’t doing the livery any favours.
  21. Myron

    Outer Wilds

    That is where I ended up using a guide because I couldn't figure it out, not sure if I missed something or my intelligence was lacking.
  22. Sorry, I should have made it clear that I didn't expect it to happen, Max will remain champion; it opens up an even larger can of worms if they took it off him. As you said, RB weren't at fault, it's entirely on the FIA and there needs to be some admission of guilt, be it 'officially' or behind closed doors. However, Lewis and Merc also aren't at fault, they did everything they could but have been shafted by a ridiculous decision that was made by a rogue race director, for whatever reason, and that isn't right; Lewis should be champion.
  23. Mercedes should pursue it to the end and the result should be overturned with the prior lap standings being reinstated, Lewis had the championship stolen from him by the officials deciding to pull rank on the rulebook. However, I doubt they will push it and would rather prove the FIA wrong enough that the FIA are forced to make concessions that benefit Mercedes in the long run, they will be around the sport longer than Lewis will and stand to gain more by pushing things, behind the scenes, in their favour.
  24. It would have been an anti climax to finish the race under the safety car but they did have 53~ laps to race and we all saw how that played out; when the safety car appeared the results were representative of the race we saw.
  25. As it stands Mercedes and Lewis have been punished for the rules not being followed. Rolling the race result back to the penultimate lap doesn't punish anyone as up until that point all rules had been correctly followed.
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