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  1. I've got a Currys VIP code available if anyone wants it, signed up ages ago but have no use for it now. You've got until Nov 20th to redeem it, drop me a message if you'd like it.
  2. I think you'll find that in a lot of places where GB discussion occurs there is a cult like mentality of praising every single thing about it and zero criticism allowed. I dont like particularly like Ben, his sense of humour is awful, he always interupts and his taste in games is different to mine; that said, I could tolerate him being on the show if his mic quality wasn't such trash.
  3. End of an era; Iv'e been listening to these guys, in some form or another, since 'The Hotspot' days and consuming their written content even earlier. They've been a constant in my life for so long that it's going to be very weird not hearing from them anymore, very weird and it's sad that it's ending in 2 days, not a couple of weeks notice. They had a good run though and wherever they appear, if they appear, then I will be there Day 0. I'll be interested to see what Jeff does with the site because I don't think he can do anything with it that is worth a damn at this point, the personalities are the site and now they are gone.
  4. That’s because any mild criticism over there is not acceptable; it’s praise 24/7 or nothing. Glad he’s gone but shocked he is. Things can’t be good over there if they’ve lost 30%~ of their team in the last year.
  5. Yup, I managed to get an order in for a 3060ti, paypal too so fingers crossed!
  6. More recently he was being a child over how there was no way to turn down the volume of the MS Flight Simulator installer...except, you know, the system volume mixer that is two clicks away on the taskbar. In that example above I think he knew he was wrong but because he said it he then had to double down on it out of principle.
  7. It's the journey maaaaan, not the destination...I do not expect to get one tomorrow.
  8. It's served me well and is OC'd to 4.4Ghz, brought it down from 4.6Ghz due to a few crashes but I'm not prepared to give up on it yet, will be 10 years old come March! Don't really play anything taxing other than VR (original Rift); Squadrons has been locked to 45fps on my 970 and I'd like to play through Alyx again. To be honest I'm happy to take advantage of the Supersampling I'll get with a drastically overpowered GPU.
  9. And here's me looking at a 3070 for 1080p60...and VR, I mostly want the extra power for VR. it will be paired with a 2600k...
  10. Well that was fun. Got through the basket, got through paypal checkout then it died...
  11. I'm kidding myself by thinking the availability is going to be measured in minutes rather than seconds aren't I?
  12. Yeah, I'm wondering which site I need to stake out for a FE; either Scan or Nvidia themselves?
  13. I picked up the game on launch, played some campaign and played some multi. Hadn't touched the multiplayer in a week when I came back to it last night...got totally wrecked across the board; thought I'd play support roles and kitted myself out with extra shields etc but I didn't make a difference. I need to do some reading/watching to catch up the best way to do things.
  14. Hotspot is the best content they put out right now. Great to have Six Crazy Frights back, shame Abby didn't have VR for the latest, Phasmophobia, episode but it was still fun. Also, is Abby working out of an office now? When did that happen? I thought she'd just sorted a room out in her apartment.
  15. It's okay to not like Abby...
  16. I know she is, strictly speaking, a 'producer' but her lack of industry knowledge has reared it's head many times recently ('I didn't care about E3 until I got this job'). If it was a more mainstream site, IGN, Gamespot etc then I'd forgive it but she is on a really niche site with a hardcore audience, I am surprised they didn't vet her interest level before being hired.
  17. I think this is the beginning of the end for the site, it's been on this downward spiral for the past year really; where they seem to be putting in as little effort in as possible. GOTY last year was such a rush job, the group doesn't seem to all play the latest release so they have something to talk about and during the pandemic (which is a tough situation) they are producing the same 4 or 5 bits of content over and over. You've got 4 full time 'producers' on staff and yet there are one man bands on youtube producing higher quality content off of their own back. I can't see the new owners looking at what the site does, stacking it up against a brand like Gamespot, and then deciding not to roll them in to that site. I think it's just run it's course now, the appeal of the site was the 4 friends working together and talking about games; they had a natural chemistry and it was their personalities which made the site appealling. That is gone. Ryan died and left a hole that couldn't be filled, ever. Vinny went East and was the only person Jeff could play off of other than Ryan. Hiring Dan was the exact type of person they needed when the site was at the lowest point and that extended the life of the site, he brought new ideas and enthusiam to the table. Generally speaking I think they've done a good job hiring people over the years, no one has been a disaster that they have had to quietly push them out the door 6 months later, even the most recent additions; they've all brought something to the table. Unfortunately though I can't stand Ben or Abby anymore, their personalities have become more prominent as their confidence has grown and I just don't like them as people. I liked a lot of the features they were in originally, Aftermath, 13 Deadly Sims etc but now I skip any content they are in, even more so if they are the only people in it. I do hope Abby/Vinny get to do the Halloween feature this year in some capacity though because that has been fun. When it comes down to it my problem is this: I like Jeff, Brad & Vinny; they've got older, are on differen't coasts, become jaded or at least not as interested in the industry anymore and the vibe of the site before is gone. I don't care about the rest of the crew, they are all additional baggage to the original reason I followed the site. The Hotspot is what I am after and I'll continue to enjoy that content for now but I can't see myself upping my sub (if that's even an option by the time it ends).
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